X Men Lifedeath Uncanny X Men 1963 2011 Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 0785155244
Pages: 152
Year: 2011-07-27
View: 1247
Read: 1116
Revolutionary artist Barry Windsor-Smith takes on the Uncanny X-Men! The original X-Men go toe-to-toe against Blastaar, deadly menace from the Negative Zone! Storm and Forge find themselves trapped on a primitive paradise world with no hope of escape! Spiral and Lady Deathstrike target Wolverine for death! And Dazzler is hunted by the Marauders, with only the X-Men to save her!
Uncanny X-Men Masterworks Vol. 10
Author: Chris Claremont, John Romita
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
ISBN: 1302496239
Pages: 464
Year: 2017-02-08
View: 369
Read: 768
Collects Uncanny X-Men (1981) #176-188, Magik (1983) #1-4, material from Marvel Fanfare (1982) #40. John Romita Jr. joins Chris Claremont as the Uncanny X-Men's chart-topping adventures continue! Drama abounds as Cyclops heads off on his honeymoon with Madelyne Pryor, Wolverine's relationship with Mariko takes a turn for the worse, and Kitty Pryde is kidnapped and forced to marry the Morlock Caliban. Meanwhile, Rogue is public enemy number one and anti-mutant sentiment threatens the passage of a law that will strip every mutant in the United States of their rights. There's no shortage of action either: Colossus battles Juggernaut, Mystique and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants return, Rachel Summers arrives on the scene, and the Dire Wraiths attack. Topped off by Claremont and Barry Windsor-Smith's stunning classic story "Lifedeath" and the Magik miniseries, there's no shortage of mutant masterworks!
The Trial of Magneto
Author: Chris Claremont, John Romita, Jr.
ISBN: 1846532043
Pages: 164
Year: 2014-09
View: 1224
Read: 778

Rogue Storm
Author: Chris Claremont
Publisher: Panini
ISBN: 190523953X
Pages: 188
Year: 2006-10-01
View: 968
Read: 1293
Whether you're an avid collector trying to plug gaps in your back catalogue or a new convert to Marvel's strangest super heroes, this volume of stories is the perfect read for X-fans of any age!
Marvel Masterworks
Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 0785191542
Pages: 432
Year: 2015-02-10
View: 881
Read: 1274
By 1982, the Uncanny X-Men had become the biggest franchise in comic books. Chris Claremont's writing rose to find perhaps his most poignant and challenging expression of the mutant metaphor in "God Loves, Man Kills," while his work with Frank Miller on Wolverine skyrocketed the character's popularity. With the culmination of Paul Smith's classic run - featuring the growing romance between Kitty Pryde and Colossus, the first appearance of Callisto and the Morlocks, Rogue's debut as an X-Man. COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men (1981) 168-175, X-Men Annual (1970) 7, Marvel Graphic Novel (1982) 5, Wolverine (1982) 1-5
Author: Ralph Macchio
Publisher: Marvel Enterprises
ISBN: 0785107495
Year: 2000
View: 652
Read: 850
The X-Men, Professor X's team of mutant superheroes, races to stop Magneto and the Evil Brotherhood from destroying the human race. Also included are three classic X-Men stories. In the first, Magneto confronts the X-Men singlehandedly. In the second, Rogue asks Professor Xavier for his help dealing with the memories she accidently absorbed from Carol Danvers. The third story tells how Wolverine acquired his adamantium-laced skeleton.
Author: Daniel Way, Mike Carey
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
ISBN: 0785182020
Pages: 144
View: 747
Read: 193
After his bruising encounter with Cyclops and Emma Frost, Professor X is forced to revisit the biggest challenge and the biggest failure of his career: Logan. But the layers of lies hide one last, deadly secret which goes back to the days of the X-Men's founding, and the Professor's timing couldn't possibly be worse... Collects X-Men: Legacy #217-218, Wolverine: Origins #28-30, and X-Men Original Sin One-Shot.
Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 0785167412
Pages: 320
Year: 2013-02-12
View: 206
Read: 1163
The Morlocks: a community of mutant outcasts living beneath the streets of Manhattan. The Marauders: professional mutant assassins, employed by a mysterious evil to wipe the Morlocks out. In between the two stand some of Marvel's most heroic: X-Men, X-Factor, the New Mutants, Power Pack, Daredevil and the mighty Thor! But taken by surprise by the Marauders' overwhelming onslaught, can these disparate heroes hope to save any of the Morlocks? COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men (1963) 210-214, X-Factor (1986) 9-11, New Mutants (1983) 46, Thor 373-374, Power Pack (1984) 27, Daredevil 238
X-Men Epic Collection
Author: Marvel Comics
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
ISBN: 1302483803
Year: 2015-12-23
View: 813
Read: 677
Uncanny X-Men (1963) 189-198, X-Men Annual (1970) 8, X-Men and Alpha Flight (1985) 1-2, Nightcrawler (1985) 1-4 (X-Men Epic Collection Vol. 12)
Iron Man Epic Collection
Author: Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Archie Goodwin
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
ISBN: 1302495690
Pages: 416
Year: 2017-01-25
View: 1119
Read: 241
Collects Tales of Suspense (1959) #73-99; Tales to Astonish (1959) #82; Iron Man & Sub-Mariner (1968) #1; Iron Man (1968) #1; material from Not Brand Echh (1967) #2. Tony Stark is back as the Invincible Iron Man! Stan Lee and Gene Colan’s complete run — a host of iconic Iron Man adventures, including one of Marvel’s first crossovers — is proudly presented in this Epic Collection. Brought before the United States Senate to divulge the secrets of Stark Enterprises, Tony Stark has never faced higher stakes. But survival in the halls of government means risking the life of his friend, Happy Hogan! Then, the Mandarin tests Iron Man’s mettle, executive privilege does nothing to save Tony from Whiplash and the Titanium Man, and the ideologues at A.I.M. attack — taking us to the debut of Iron Man’s very own solo series!
X-Men Epic Collection
Author: Chris Claremont
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
ISBN: 1302501119
Pages: 472
Year: 2017-11-29
View: 188
Read: 441
Collecting X-Men Annual (1970) #15, X-Factor (1986) #65-70, Uncanny X-Men (1981) #278-280, X-Men (1991) #1-3 and material from New Mutants Annual #7 & X-Factor Annual #6. The end of an era for the X-Men! The original team, now called X-Factor, takes center stage when Proteus returns from the grave. But when Apocalypse strikes, infecting Cyclops' son Nathan with a deadly virus, Cyclops must make a bitter sacrifice! And the current X-Men return to Earth to find that Professor X's old foe the Shadow King has risen -and taken over Muir Island! It will take X-Factor and the X-Men's combined strength to triumph...and when the dust clears, the two teams will become one! An uncanny new era begins as the reunited X-Men go back to basics - beginning with a deadly confrontation with Magneto and his fanatical Acolytes!
X-Men Adventures
Author: Marvel Comics
Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 1302912119
Pages: 120
Year: 2018-08-28
View: 637
Read: 564
Meet Marvel's mutant heroes, the uncanny X-Men! They may be a little different, but they'll still fight to save a world that hates and fears them! Charles Xavier has gathered Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel and Iceman to his private school-slash-mutant super hero training facility - just in time to face the villainous Magneto, Master of Magnetism! Then, join the X-Men in action against the Mimic - who can copy all their incredible powers! Then, a new generation of X-Men, including Phoenix, Wolverine and Storm, must face a truly galactic threat! As the world trembles and the sky starts to boil, Professor X attempts a desperate rescue mission - but the Knights of Hykon won't be stopped! Sit down and strap in for out-of-this-world adventures with the X-Men! COLLECTING: X-MEN (1963) 1, 19; UNCANNY X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 5-7
Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 0785185097
Pages: 280
Year: 2013-12-10
View: 1037
Read: 1295
The X-Men travel to Russia for a family reunion with Colossus' parents - and his little sister Illyana, formerly the fan-favorite New Mutant known as Magik! But the villainous Soul Skinner is on the loose, and the Russian government is prepared to stop him by any means necessary. Even if that means using a little girl and shattering a family. Plus: Betsy Braddock returns! But if Betsy's back, then who is Psylocke? The X-Men head for Japan in search of answers, but find themselves at odds with the Silver Samurai! And Gambit and Rogue face a challenge of the heart. COLLECTING: X-Men (1991) 17-24, X-Men: Survival Guide to the Mansion , material from Marve l Swimsuit Spe cial 2
X-Men Epic Collection
Author: Chris Claremont, Len Wein, Bill Mantlo
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
ISBN: 1302496700
Year: 2017-03-29
View: 1223
Read: 550
With the original X-Men captured, Professor X recruits an All-New, All-Different team to take on the mantle of the Uncanny X-Men! Including Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Sunfi re, and Warpath, this new international cast redefined super-hero teams forever. The transition won't come easy, though. Wolverine and Cyclops will clash. X-Man will battle X-Man. Death and rebirth will visit the team, and an old nemesis will return. Also featuring the debut of Alpha Flight and the Weapon X program, the fi rst outer space saga with the Starjammers, and rare X-Men adventures. Comic-book titans Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne guide their new X-Men through it all, raising the series to the peak of white-hot popularity. And it all starts here! COLLECTING: VOL. 5; GIANT-SIZE X-MEN (1975) #1, X-MEN (1963) #94-110, MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #53, #69-70, ANNUAL (1976) #1, IRON FIST (1975) #14-15, MATERIAL FROM FOOM (1973) #10.
Shadow Moon
Author: Chris Claremont, George Lucas
Publisher: Spectra
ISBN: 1984800035
Year: 2018-04-17
View: 621
Read: 187
From two of the greatest imaginations of our time comes a magnificent novel of adventure and magic...SHADOW MOON: First in the Chronicles of the Shadow War. The genius of Star Wars(r) creator George Lucas and the vision of Chris Claremont, the author of the phenomenally bestselling The Uncanny X-Men adventures, merge in what must be the fantasy event of the year. In Shadow Moon, war and chaos have gripped the land of Tir Asleen. An ancient prophecy reveals one hope: a savior princess who will ascend to the throne when the time is right. But first, a Nelwyn wanderer must face forces of unimaginable malevolence and dangerous, forbidden rites of necromancy that could bring back a powerful warrior from soulless sleep. George Lucas reshaped filmmaking in the '70s and '80s with his Star Wars and Indiana Jones films. When Bantam Books asked Lucas if he had any stories he would like to develop as novels rather than as films, Lucas turned to his 1988 fantasy film, Willow. "When I wrote the story for Willow, I began with the pre-story," Lucas said, "but the full story was yet to be told." Now, Lucas's vision is being fulfilled with the talented help of Chris Claremont. Having previously taken the reins of what was for a decade the bestselling comic in the western hemisphere (The Uncanny X-Men) Claremont assumes the reponsibility of foster parent to Lucas's creation. On sale in hardcover now, and available on BDD Audio Cassette as well, SHADOW MOON is a momentous new adventure for readers looking to spend part of this summer in a fantastic world. SHADOW MOON is one of Bantam Spectra's most exciting publishing events in 1995, the year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary as the premiere publishing imprint of books of speculative fiction.