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Wedding at the Hacienda
Author: Jean Kincaid
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460324781
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-01-01
View: 749
Read: 256
ADELE RIVAS WANTS TO SAVE THE OLD HACIENDA She's determined to rescue the house and groves, full of childhood memories. But her best friend, Raoul Fuentes, has inherited the plantation, and she realizes this may be more difficult than she ever expected. Raoul wants to save the historic hacienda just as much as Adele. But he's not sure he has the money to restore it. When frost threatens the grapefruit crop, the two will have to work together or lose everything. Will the cold snap be the end for the farm, or the beginning of their future?
The Lumberjack's Bride
Author: Jean Kincaid
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373487762
Pages: 192
Year: 2015-04-07
View: 1150
Read: 1330
Julianne Maxwell Is a Bride Without a Groom Stranded in Seattle after her intended married another, the mail-order bride can't return to the troubled life she fled from. She has little choice but to marry the handsome logger who steps in to rescue her. And though Caleb Hansen is gentle and kind, Julianne can't trust him with the truth about her past. Caleb understands that Julianne needs a home, and he needs a mother for his orphaned infant nephew. He knows nothing about his new wife, or the memories that haunt her. But he can tell their connection goes deeper than convenience. He'll do whatever it takes to make them a real family, before Julianne's secrets drive them apart…
The Girl that Love Forgot
Author: Jennie Lucas
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373238061
Pages: 256
Year: 2011-12-20
View: 178
Read: 779

A Home in His Heart
Author: Jean Kincaid
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373486758
Pages: 192
Year: 2013-09-03
View: 509
Read: 742
KAYLA GUERRERO HAS NEVER HAD A HOME So when she inherits her grandmother's place in the Rio Grande Valley, she settles in for good—until her tall, dark and handsome neighbor offers to buy her out. She tells Marcelo Fuentes she'll never leave. Marc offers to buy Kayla's land because her house is gone. He doesn't have the heart to tell her she's living in his storage building. Soon the rancher is falling for the feisty newcomer, and is unprepared for her fury when she learns the truth. How will Marc convince Kayla that the only home she needs is…in his heart?
A Quiet Strength (Prairie Legacy Book #3)
Author: Janette Oke
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 1585587222
Pages: 240
Year: 2008-08-01
View: 400
Read: 544
Virginia must learn the heavenly source of strength through trials in this best-selling novel.
A Mother Like Mine
Author: Kate Hewitt
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399583807
Pages: 384
Year: 2017-08-08
View: 534
Read: 559
Welcome to England’s beautiful Lake District, where a reluctant reunion forges a new bond between a daughter and her wayward mother.... Abby Rhodes is just starting to get her life on track. After her fiancé’s unexpected death, she returned with her young son to the small village where she grew up and threw herself into helping her ailing grandmother run the town's beach café. Then one evening, her mother, Laura, shows up in Hartley-by-the-Sea and announces her plan to stay. After twenty years away, she now wants to focus on the future—and has no intention, it seems, of revisiting the painful past. Laura Rhodes has made a lot of mistakes, and many of them concern her daughter. But as Abby gets little glimpses into her mother's life, she begins to realize there are depths to Laura she never knew. Slowly, Abby and Laura start making tentative steps toward each other, only to have life become even more complicated when an unexpected tragedy arises. Together, the two women will discover truths both sad and surprising that draw them closer to a new understanding of what it means to truly forgive someone you love. From the Trade Paperback edition.
History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Mexico and Central America (1877-2009): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
Author: William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
Publisher: Soyinfo Center
ISBN: 1928914217
Pages: 426
Year: 2009
View: 579
Read: 281

Between Worlds
Author: Frances E. Karttunen
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813520312
Pages: 364
Year: 1994
View: 557
Read: 1258
Spanning the globe and the centuries, Frances Karttunen tells the stories of sixteen men and women who served as interpreters and guides to conquerors, missionaries, explorers, soldiers, and anthropologists. These interpreters acted as uncomfortable bridges between two worlds; their own marginality, the fact that they belonged to neither world,underscores the complexity and tension between cultures meeting for the first time. The interpreters include: o Do-a Marina (La Malinche), who interpreted for Cortes in the conquest of Mexico o Sacajawea, who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition o Sarah Winnemucca, a U.S. army scout and Washington lobbyist for the Northern Paiutes o Gaspar Antonio Chi, Maya Interpreter General for Yucatan o Guaman Poma de Ayala, eyewitness reporter of the destruction of Inca culture o Charles Eastman, a Sioux physician at Wounded Knee o Larin Paraske, an informant for Finnish ethnographers o Do-a Luz Jimenez, Diego Rivera's model and a native informant to anthropologists o Mar'a Sabina, the Mazatec mushroom shaman who became a celebrity in the drug culture of the 1960s o Ishi, the last surviving Yahi Indian.
Christmas Love at Lake Tahoe
Author: Jeanie Smith Cash, Jean Kincaid, Jeri Odell
Publisher: Barbour Books
ISBN: 1602605637
Pages: 344
Year: 2009
View: 667
Read: 657
Four young women fresh out of college, pursue their careers at a new ski lodge at Lake Tahoe's Incline Village during the winter season.
See you later, alligator
Author: Norma M. Charles, Yvonne Cathcart
ISBN: 0590208632
Pages: 29
Year: 1994
View: 883
Read: 1264

Handbook of Chord Substitutions
Author: Andy LaVerne
Publisher: Shacor, Inc.
ISBN: 0943485185
Pages: 89
Year: 1987-05-01
View: 344
Read: 609
A guide to creating your own special chord substitutions when playing any tune! Includes chapters on tritone substitution, changing chord qualities, pedal points, modulations, suspensions, alterations of chord tones and numerous other arranging concepts. Includes: Cherokee * Darn That Dream * Indiana * Moonglow * A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square * Exactly Like You * My Melancholy Baby and more.
The Reluctant Cowgirl
Author: Christine Lynxwiler
Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 160260150X
Pages: 285
Year: 2009
View: 1288
Read: 1300
Welcome to Arkansas where aspiring stage actress Crystal McCord meets up with a handsome yet wary rancher. Is there a future for the dreamer and a cattleman?
The Dharma Bums
Author: Jack Kerouac
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0140042520
Pages: 244
Year: 1986
View: 1102
Read: 276
During the 1950s the search for Buddhist truths takes two young Bohemians through a series of bizarre experiences in California
Entertaining Tucson Highlights, Volume 4 1950s-1990s
Author: Robert E. Zucker
Publisher: BZB Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1939050138
Pages: 101
Year: 2015-08-01
View: 239
Read: 1158
The fourth volume that contains selected portions of all three volumes condensed into a 100 page collector's edition. Includes complete Table of Contents and Indexes of all three volumes. The Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades series covers the Tucson entertainment and music scene from the 1950s through the 1900s with articles, interviews and original photographs reprinted from the Entertainment Magazine, Tucson Teen and Youth Awareness newspapers which published from the late 1970s through 1994 when it went online as
Elisha's Bones (A Jack Hawthorne Adventure Book #1)
Author: Don Hoesel
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441208178
Pages: 336
Year: 2009-03-01
View: 239
Read: 435
Every year, professor of antiquities Jack Hawthorne looks forward to the winter break as a time to hide away from his responsibilities. Even if just for a week or two. But this year, his plans are derailed when he's offered almost a blank check from a man chasing a rumor. Billionaire Gordon Reese thinks he knows where the bones of the prophet Elisha are--bones that in the Old Testament brought the dead back to life. A born skeptic, Jack doesn't think much of the assignment but he could use the money, so he takes the first step on a chase for the legendary bones that will take him to the very ends of the earth. But he's not alone. Joined with a fiery colleague, Esperanza Habilla, they soon discover clues to a shadowy organization whose long-held secrets have been protected . . . at all costs. As their lives are threatened again and again, the real race is to uncover the truth before those chasing them hunt them down.