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The Missing American Jury
Author: Suja A. Thomas
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107055652
Pages: 262
Year: 2016-06-16
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Explores why juries have declined in power and how the federal government and the states have taken the jury's authority.
The Missing American Jury
Author: Suja A. Thomas
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316666565
Year: 2016-06-16
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Criminal, civil, and grand juries have disappeared from the American legal system. Over time, despite their significant presence in the Constitution, juries have been robbed of their power by the federal government and the states. For example, leveraging harsher criminal penalties, executive officials have forced criminal defendants into plea bargains, eliminating juries. Capping money awards, legislatures have stripped juries of their power to fix damages. Ordering summary judgment, judges dispose of civil cases without sending them to a jury. This is not what the founders intended. Examining the Constitution's text and historical sources, the book explores how the jury's authority has been taken and how it can be restored to its rightful, co-equal position as a 'branch' of government. Discussing the value of juries beyond the Constitution's requirements, the book also discusses the significance of juries world-wide and argues jury decision-making should be preferred over determinations by other governmental bodies.
Why Jury Duty Matters
Author: Andrew G. Ferguson
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814729037
Pages: 234
Year: 2012-12-01
View: 369
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Places the idea of jury duty into perspective, noting its importance as a constitutional responsibility, and describes ways in which the experience may be enriched.
Author: Sandra F. Sperino, Suja A. Thomas
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190278404
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-05-01
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It is no secret that since the 1980s, American workers have lost power vis-à-vis employers. Along with the well-chronicled steep decline in private sector unionization, American workers alleging employment discrimination have fared increasingly poorly in the courts. In recent years, judges have dismissed scores of cases in which workers presented evidence that supervisors referred to them using racial or gender slurs. In one federal district court, judges dismissed more than 80 percent of the race discrimination cases filed over a year. And when juries return verdicts in favor of employees, judges often second guess those verdicts, finding ways to nullify the jury's verdict and rule in favor of the employer. Most Americans assume that that an employee alleging workplace discrimination faces the same legal system as other litigants. After all, we do not usually think that legal rules vary depending upon the type of claim brought. As the employment law scholars Sandra A. Sperino and Suja A. Thomas show in Unequal, though, our assumptions are wrong. Over the course of the last half century, employment discrimination claims have come to operate in a fundamentally different legal system than other claims. It is in many respects a parallel universe, one in which the legal system systematically favors employers over employees. A host of procedural, evidentiary, and substantive mechanisms serve as barriers for employees, making it extremely difficult for them to access the courts. Moreover, these mechanisms make it fairly easy for judges to dismiss a case prior to trial. Americans are unaware of how the system operates partly because they think that race and gender discrimination are in the process of fading away. But such discrimination remains fairly common in the workplace, and workers now have little recourse to fight it legally. By tracing the modern history of employment discrimination, Sperino and Thomas provide an authoritative account of how our legal system evolved into an institution that is inherently biased against workers making rights claims.
The Runaway Jury
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Delta
ISBN: 0385339690
Pages: 451
Year: 2006
View: 686
Read: 508
A member of the jury for the century's most explosive trial against a giant tobacco company, Juror #2, a mysterious man with a past and a hidden agenda, joins forces with a beautiful woman on the outside to get the verdict he wants, no matter what the cost. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.
Jury Decision Making
Author: Dennis J. Devine
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814725228
Pages: 283
Year: 2012-08-06
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While jury decision making has received considerable attention from social scientists, there have been few efforts to systematically pull together all the pieces of this research. In Jury Decision Making Dennis J. Devine examines over 50 years of research on juries and offers a “big picture” overview of the field. The volume summarizes existing theories of jury decision making and identifies what we have learned about jury behavior, including the effects of specific courtroom practices, the nature of the trial, the characteristics of the participants, and the evidence itself. Making use of those foundations, Devine offers a new integrated theory of jury decision making that addresses both individual jurors and juries as a whole and discusses its ramifications for the courts. Providing a unique combination of broad scope, extensive coverage of the empirical research conducted over the last half century, and theory advancement, this accessible and engaging volume offers "one-stop shopping" for scholars, students, legal professionals, and those who simply wish to better understand how well the jury system works.
We, the Jury
Publisher: Phoenix Books Incorporated
Pages: 245
Year: 2006
View: 748
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In "We, the Jury," the jurors in the Scott Peterson case tell, for the first time, what life was like at the center of this sensational murder trial.
The American Jury System
Author: Randolph N. Jonakait
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300124635
Pages: 346
Year: 2006-10-01
View: 1226
Read: 323
"In this important and accessible book, a prominent expert on constitutional law examines these and other issues concerning the American jury system. Randolph N. Jonakait describes the historical and social pressures that have driven the development of the jury system; contrasts the American jury system to the legal process in other countries; reveals subtle changes in the popular view of juries; examines how the news media, movies, and books portray and even affect the system; and discusses the empirical data that show how juries actually operate and what influences their decisions.
You be the Jury
Author: Marvin Miller
Publisher: Apple
ISBN: 0590457276
Pages: 86
Year: 1992-06-01
View: 1079
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The reader is provided evidence for ten courtroom cases, and must decide whether each defendant is guilty or innocent.
The Dirty Duck
Author: Martha Grimes
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476732868
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-03-26
View: 695
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The Dirty Duck is a pub in Shakespeare’s beloved Stratford, and in this pub Miss Gwendolyn Bracegirdle of Sarasota, Florida, fresh from a performance of As You Like It, takes her last drink. A few minutes later she is slashed ear to ear, the only clue: two lines from an unknown poem printed across a theater program. The razor-happy murderer, it seems is stalking a group of rich American tourists. And Scotland Yard Superintendent Richard Jury, just passing through Stratford for a glimpse of the intriguing Lady Kennington, instead takes a crash course in the bloodier side of Elizabethan verse.
Constitutional Morality and the Rise of Quasi-Law
Author: Bruce P. Frohnen
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674968921
Pages: 303
Year: 2016-06-13
View: 381
Read: 368
Americans are ruled by an unwritten constitution consisting of executive orders, signing statements, and other quasi-laws designed to reform society, Bruce Frohnen and George Carey argue. Consequently, the Constitution no longer means what it says to the people it is supposed to govern and the government no longer acts according to the rule of law.
The Jury in America
Author: Dennis Hale
ISBN: 0700622004
Pages: 448
Year: 2016-02-19
View: 1172
Read: 436
The Jury in America is an indispensable contribution to understanding a vital institution, one that once embodied real responsibilities in the hands of the governed as an antidote to a stifling centralization of democracy
Representing the Accused
Author: Jill Paperno
Publisher: Aspatore Books
ISBN: 0314285296
Pages: 274
Year: 2012
View: 357
Read: 819
Whether you are a law clinic student making your first foray into criminal defense, a newly admitted attorney, a general practitioner, or an attorney whose practice is concentrated in criminal defense, Representing the Accused will provide you with invaluable advice as you navigate your way through a criminal case. Authored by an experienced criminal defense attorney in a large public defenders office who has personally handled thousands of criminal cases, supervised representation in thousands more, and trained scores of attorneys, this book provides insight and guidance on how to efficiently and effectively manage each step in the handling of a criminal case. In order to help you provide quality representation to your clients, this publication offers clear explanations of a criminal attorneys role at every stage, from the arrest through the conclusion of the case.
I, the Jury
Author: Mickey Spillane
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101174447
Pages: 211
Year: 1982-02-01
View: 939
Read: 977
The first novel in Mickey Spillane's classic detective series starring hard-boiled private eye Mike Hammer. I, the Jury is a double-strength shot of sex, violence, and action that is vintage Spillane all the way. It's a tough-guy mystery to please even the most bloodthirsty of fans.
The Case of the Missing Bride
Author: Carmen Radtke
ISBN: 1912175452
Pages: 222
Year: 2017-09-05
View: 1328
Read: 757
When a girl goes missing on board of an ocean liner, only one person is convinced that the disappearance is no accident. Alyssa has found herself with a group of impoverished girls who are embarking from Australia to Canada in the hope of marriage. As the daughter of a senior official, Alyssa doesn't share this goal. She hopes to return to England via Canada. But the girls all share one problem. Their presence on the ship is not known to many of its passengers but their worlds collide when one of the gentlemen discovers them. Then Emma, one of the intended brides, goes missing. Alyssa is convinced the disappearance is no accident and will risk her own life to search for the killer. What happened to Emma? Is there a murderer on board the ship? Alyssa is about to discover that there is more to her voyage than she bargained for.