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Star Wars the Last Jedi the Visual Dictionary
Author: Pablo Hidalgo
Publisher: DK Children
ISBN: 1465455515
Pages: 80
Year: 2017-12-15
View: 415
Read: 1031
Presents a guide to the characters, droids, aliens, and creatures of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," with details on costumes, weapons, and accessories.
Star Wars
Author: David West Reynolds, Don Bies, Nelson Hall
Publisher: Dk Pub
ISBN: 0789434814
Pages: 64
Year: 1998
View: 871
Read: 262
Annotated photographs and movie stills describe every important feature of the characters, creatures, costumes, droids, weapons, and equipment in the Star Wars trilogy
Star Wars, Episode I
Author: David West Reynolds
Publisher: Dk Pub
ISBN: 0789447010
Pages: 64
Year: 1999
View: 701
Read: 950
Text and illustrations present characters from episode I of "Star Wars" and the technology they use, including Qui-Gon Jinn and his wrist hologram projector, the space freighters of the Nemoidians, and the lightsabers of the Jedi Knights.
Star Wars, Episode 1, the Phantom Menace
Author: David West Reynolds
Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
ISBN: 1405392533
Pages: 103
Year: 2012-01-01
View: 345
Read: 439
The updated and expanded guide to Star Wars Episode I. The Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace: The Expanded Visual Dictionary gives you everything you want to know about the story. This expanded edition has a fresh new design throughout and includes 32 brand new pages with more photos, more details and more amazing facts. Find out all about the creatures, weapons, and equipment from Episode I. From podracers to Gungan battle equipment and droidekas. Come face-to-face with key characters from Anakin and Queen Amidala, to Chancellor Valorum and the comical Jar Jar Binks. Astonishing detail and archive photography supplied by Lucasfilm insiders makes this the definitive Episode I reference guide for any Star Wars fan - young or old.
Author: Pablo Hidalgo
Publisher: DK Children
ISBN: 0241301742
Pages: 123
Year: 2018-05
View: 1302
Read: 657
An authoritative companion to the latest Star Warsmovie, Solo- A Star Wars Story The Official Guide features the fascinating planets, vehicles, and aliens that Han Solo encounters on his early adventures. Explore key characters, locations and props in captivating detail with extensive production photography and see the iconic Millennium Falconas its never been seen before, in an exclusive cross-section artwork by Richard Chasemore.
The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Author: Phil Szostak
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 1419727052
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-12-15
View: 821
Read: 329
Featuring unforgettable art and exclusive interviews with the filmmakers, this visual archive highlights moviemaking magic at its finest. 300 colour illustrations
Star Wars
Author: James Luceno, Robert E. Barnes, John Goodson, Alexander Ivanov
Publisher: Dk Pub
ISBN: 0756611288
Pages: 63
Year: 2005
View: 793
Read: 551
Text and illustrations present characters from Star Wars, episode III, revenge of the Sith and the technology they use.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron
Author: Elizabeth Wein
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 1368013236
Year: 2017-12-15
View: 454
Read: 356
New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Wein (Code Name Verity, Rose Under Fire) journeys to a galaxy far, far away to bring readers the harrowing story of the courageous bomber pilots and technicians of Cobalt Squadron!
Star Wars Episode 8: the Last Jedi - the Official Collector's Edition
Author: Titan
Publisher: Titan Comics
ISBN: 1785862111
Pages: 96
Year: 2017
View: 843
Read: 971
A guide to the movie covers characters on both sides of the Force, including Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren.
White Platinum Incredible Cross Sections
Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff, Jason Fry
ISBN: 0241281075
Pages: 48
Year: 2017-12-15
View: 246
Read: 432
This beautiful hardback book reveals the inner workings of 13 key vehicles from Episode VIII of the Star Warssaga, Star Wars- The Last Jedi . Each vehicle is shown as an intricately detailed, full-colour cross-section artwork, complete with callouts to the important features of each ship. Clear, comprehensive text makes this an indispensable reference guide for the new craft in the Star Warsgalaxy. & TM 2017 LUCASFILM LTD.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Chewie and the Porgs
Author: Kevin Shinick
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 1368018289
Year: 2017-12-15
View: 383
Read: 711
Read along with Star Wars! From Emmy award-winning writer Kevin Shinick comes a lovable tale of Chewbacca the Wookiee and the pesky porgs of Ahch-To Island. Featuring adorable illustrations by artist Fiona Hsieh.
Star Wars Made Easy
Author: Christian Blauvelt
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 146547448X
Pages: 200
Year: 2017-09-06
View: 832
Read: 566
Don't know your Wookiees from your wampas? If the Star WarsTM saga has you stumped, we've got your back. Star Wars Made Easy gives you everything you need to get you around the galaxy. Star Wars is a global phenomenon and the Force has truly reawakened. So where to start if you have never actually gotten around to watching the movies? Or if you find yourself dating an avid Star Wars fan? Or your kids keep asking you tricky questions about the dark side? Don't worry! We have you covered. Star Wars Made Easy is aimed at Star Wars novices who want to get up to speed and make sense of the Star Wars references that permeate modern culture. This book will answer questions about the movies, the Star Wars universe, and much more! © & TM 2017 LUCASFILM LTD. Used Under Authorization.
A New Class (Star Wars: Jedi Academy #4)
Author: Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545875757
Pages: 176
Year: 2016-07-26
View: 774
Read: 896
Victor Starspeeder is psyched to be starting school at the Jedi Academy. His sister, Christina does not share an enthusiasm for Victor's newfound educational path. She's horrified that her annoying baby brother will be there to cramp her style. While Victor means well, his excess energy leads him to spend a lot of time in detention with the little, green sage, Yoda. Yoda wants to channel Victor's talents, so he makes the young Padawan join the drama club. Victor is not pleased. "Learn to control your anger, you must! Successfully manage their emotions, a good Jedi can. Box step and jazz hands ... hee hee ... young Padawan will!" Victor will have to make new friends, get on his sister's good side, learn to use the force, and hope the year's drama club performance ("Wookie Side Story"? "Annie Get Your Lightsaber"?) goes off without a hitch!
White Platinum Visual Dictionary
Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff, Pablo Hidalgo
ISBN: 0241281091
Pages: 80
Year: 2017-12-15
View: 1111
Read: 249
Star Wars- The Last Jedi The Visual Dictionaryis the definitive guide to Star Wars- The Last Jedi, revealing the characters, creatures, droids, locations, and technology from the new film. Packed with 100+ images and information as penned by Star Warsscribe Pablo Hidalgo, it's a must-have for all fans who want to go beyond the movie experience. & TM 2017 LUCASFILM LTD
The Last Jedi
Author: Pablo Hidalgo
ISBN: 1465473815
Pages: 79
Year: 2017
View: 547
Read: 599
Presents a guide to the characters, droids, aliens, and creatures of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," with details on costumes, weapons, and accessories.