Spring Wildflowers Of The Northeast A Natural History Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast
Author: Carol Gracie, Eric Lamont
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691144664
Pages: 272
Year: 2012-03-12
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Presents a detailed description of more than thirty-five wildflower species of the Northeast, describing their colors, habitats, range, pollination, history, cultural lore, medicinal uses, and literary and artistic references.
Wildflowers in the Field and Forest
Author: Steve Clemants, Carol Gracie
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195304888
Pages: 445
Year: 2006
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Many of us have stopped to pick bunches of wildflowers or have admired them as they flourished in fields, hiking trails, and roads. Always appreciated but not always recognized, now these beauties can easily be identified with Wildflowers in the Field and Forest, the most inclusive field guide available to the wildflowers in the northeastern United States. Designed for easy use, the book features two-page spreads with descriptive text and range maps on one side facing pages of color photos on the other. The descriptions are concise, but thorough, and the range maps show both where the plant grows and what time of year it is likely to be in bloom. Plants are grouped by flower color, usually the feature first noticed by the observer. The species are subsequently grouped by petal arrangement, type of leaves, and number of flower parts as indicated in the "quick characters" box at the top of each page. There is also a simple key in the beginning of the book that allows one to quickly narrow the search to a few pages. In addition to the more common and conspicuous wildflowers, many of the lesser known, and often overlooked, species are also depicted. Over 1,400 species are described with nearly all of them illustrated with full-color photos. While these photos generally show the flowers of the plant, insets of leaves (and occasionally fruits) are often included to help in identification. A bar on each photo allows users to accurately judge the actual size of each flower. Both serious botanists and casual nature observers will welcome this beautifully illustrated and expertly detailed guide. · The most comprehensive field guide for the northeastern United States, including New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with additional coverage of adjacent areas in eastern Canada · Over 1,400 species are described; nearly all are illustrated by beautiful color photographs · Photographs accurately depict the flowers; insets show details of leaves and other features · Photos, descriptions, and maps on facing pages make the book simple to use · Color-coded maps indicate both the range of the species and the time when it is in bloom
Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers
Author: Kay Yatskievych
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253214203
Pages: 357
Year: 2000
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"Each species entry includes the scientific name, the common name, habitats, general distribution in the state, months of blooming, size of the plants and the flowers or inflorescence, and a brief additional descripton of the plant. If there is a photograph or drawing of the species, it is always placed with the species entry. Species that are introduced to the state or are on Indiana's Endangered, Threatened, and Rare List are marked with a notation about their status."--Jacket.
Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky
Author: Thomas G. Barnes, S. Wilson Francis
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813160499
Pages: 352
Year: 2015-01-13
View: 873
Read: 1057
Since Kentucky is situated at a biological crossroads in eastern North America, citizens and visitors to this beautiful state are likely to be greeted by an astonishing variety of wildflowers. This non-technical guide -- featuring more than five hundred dazzling full-color photographs by award-winning photographer Thomas G. Barnes -- is the state's indispensable guide to the most common species in the Commonwealth. With this book, readers will learn to identify and appreciate Kentucky wildflowers and ferns by matching photographs and leaf line drawings to the more than six hundred and fifty species of flowers covered in the book. Extremely practical and simple to use, the guide's color photographs and line drawings appear with plant descriptions for easy identification, and plants are grouped by flower color and blooming season. Each species listing includes the plant's common and scientific name, plant family, habitat, frequency, and distribution throughout Kentucky, with similar species listed in the notes. There is no other volume that covers the flora of Kentucky with such ease of identification. The first new statewide guide to appear in thirty years, with its combination of high quality photographs, illustrations, portability, and easy organization of information, Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky is an essential addition to the library or field pack of the wildflower enthusiast, naturalist, and anyone else who loves the outdoors.
Secrets of Wildflowers
Author: Jack Sanders
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1461746833
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-05-06
View: 284
Read: 485
The Secret of Wildflowers is a colorful tribute filled with odd, little-known facts and wonderful superstitions about some of North America's most beautiful and common plants. This book includes natural history, folklore, habitats, horticulture, uses for plants, and origins of names. More than 100 species of North American wildflowers are included and all are organized by blooming seasons.
An Illustrated Guide to Eastern Woodland Wildflowers and Trees
Author: Melanie Choukas-Bradley, Tina Thieme Brown
Publisher: University of Virginia Press
ISBN: 0813922518
Pages: 415
Year: 2004
View: 850
Read: 347
"Surely such a familiar landmark and its flora need no introduction. But leaf through the book (or better yet, get Brown and Choukas-Bradley to take you on a tour) and you realize that while the rest of the world has been looking at Sugarloaf through a telescope, this intrepid pair has been using a magnifying glass.... Their record of these [trees and wildflowers] has become one of the most complete guides to local upland flora available, and they hope it will be used not just in other natural areas but in back yards where people want to raise native plants themselves."— Washington Post "In between a field guide and a botanical manual, Choukas-Bradley and Brown have created a must-have... to tote into the woods of Sugarloaf Mountain. The authors have included every flowering plant they observed during ten years of extensive hiking and exploration on Sugarloaf. This guide would be useful to any naturalist, serious or casual, venturing into the wilds of the Northeastern United States and adjacent Canada."— E-Streams "This book contains an easy-to-use, non-technical botanical key for flowering plants—herbaceous and woody alike.... The author describes each plant and its individual parts, all related species, and details on the plant’s growth habit, its natural range and habitat, its bloom time, and where it can be found on Sugarloaf Mt."— Solidago: The Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Native Plant Society A thorough yet user-friendly companion to the authors’ popular paperback Sugarloaf: The Mountain’s History, Geology, and Natural Lore, this volume is an exquisitely illustrated guide to 350 eastern woodland wildflowers and trees found onsite at Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland. It includes a botanical key and an illustrated glossary of common and scientific names, and is packed with nearly 400 elaborately and artistically detailed pen-and-ink drawings to make plant identification simple and fun. Melanie Choukas-Bradley is the author of City of Trees: The Complete Field Guide to the Trees of Washington, D.C. and a longtime contributor to the Washington Post. She teaches field botany for the USDA Graduate School. Tina Thieme Brown has worked as a landscape artist and environmentalist for twenty-five years. She teaches art at the U.S. Botanic Garden, is an artist on the Countryside Artisans Studio Tour, and creates art inspired by the Sugarloaf Mountain countryside in her 1790s log cabin studio. Choukas-Bradley and Brown lead Sugarloaf Mountain field trips for the Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central Atlantic States and other organizations. Published in association with the Center for American Places
Wildflowers of Arkansas
Author: Carl G. Hunter
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 0912456167
Pages: 296
Year: 2000-01-01
View: 508
Read: 875
This is the most complete wild-flower book for Arkansas and also has great interest for surrounding states. Six-hundred species are described, accompanied by hundreds of color photographs. Text for each species appears next to its photograph for easy identification. The eight plant families represented are described as well as the structure of flowers and plants and the physiographic regions of Arkansas. The book also includes a glossary of scientific terms and an index for all species.
Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest
Author: Mark Turner, Phyllis Gustafson
Publisher: Timber Press (OR)
Pages: 511
Year: 2006
View: 773
Read: 241
A comprehensive field guide to the wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest describes and illustrates more than 1,200 common species, both native and non-native, in a handbook that is organized according to flower color and shape and that includes a range map for each entry.
Peterson First Guide to Wildflowers of Northeastern and North-central North America
Author: Roger Tory Peterson
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0395906679
Pages: 128
Year: 1998-02-01
View: 1006
Read: 609
Presents a basic guide to identifying 188 common wildflowers of northeastern and north-central North America, with color illustrations and descriptions for each type of flower, organized by flower color for quick reference.
The New England Wild Flower Society Guide to Growing and Propagating Wildflowers of the United States and Canada
Author: William Cullina
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0395966094
Pages: 322
Year: 2000
View: 923
Read: 618
Offers information on growing and propagating over 1,000 different species of wildflower, and includes an encyclopedia of plants native to the United States and Canada.
Wildflowers of New England
Author: Ted Elliman, New England Wild Flower Society
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 1604697407
Pages: 448
Year: 2016-05-11
View: 928
Read: 949
Wildflowers of New England is for hikers, naturalists, gardeners, and anyone wishing to learn more about the region’s diverse wildflowers, or just wanting to know the answer to "What’s that plant?" Ted Elliman, a plant ecologist for the New England Wild Flower Society, describes and illustrates more than 1,000 species commonly found in all six New England states, including annuals, perennials, and biennials, both native and naturalized. This helpful field guide uses a logical and convenient identification key based on flower color, petal arrangement, and leaf characteristics. One thousand color photographs help to confirm that you’ve got the right plant. The introduction includes an explanation of plant parts and information on plant names.
Great Basin
Author: Laird R. Blackwell
Publisher: Falcon Guides
ISBN: 0762738057
Pages: 281
Year: 2006
View: 839
Read: 943
With 350 stunning color images and descriptive text, Laird Blackwell reveals the diversity and beauty of the Great Basin through its wildflowers. This book is a handy introduction to the region''s plants for beginners and a fascinating study of the ecosystem that will appeal to experts.
Wildflowers of the Coastal Plain
Author: Ray Neyland
Publisher: LSU Press
ISBN: 0807134074
Pages: 339
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 1172
Read: 855
Wildflowers of the Coastal Plain provides detailed information on 535 species of herbaceous plants, vines, and shrubs that inhabit the great floristic provinces of the United States the Lower Mississippi Valley, Gulf and Atlantic Coastal States. Entries are arranged alphabetically by family and scientific name, and are accompanied by a vivid color photograph of the wildflower in its natural setting and a precise description of the species, including its range and blooming time. Some entries describe modern and historical applications for the plantssuch as use by Native Americans for food or medicineand mention closely related species to prevent confusion in identification. The volumes simplified glossary and series of line drawings explain essential botanical terms. Dichotomous keys facilitate step-by-step identification methods, allowing readers to begin with what they knowa flowers colorand then follow a process of elimination (Is the plant aquatic or not? Are the leaves fan shaped or linear?). A sturdy, flexible cover makes this guide the perfect companion for outdoor excursions. With its beautiful color photographs, instructive descriptions, and wide-ranging geographic scope, Wildflowers of the Coastal Plain presents an exceptional reference for every nature and wildflower lover.
Growing and propagating wild flowers
Author: Harry R. Phillips, North Carolina Botanical Garden
Pages: 331
Year: 1985-04-01
View: 378
Read: 1127

Trees and Shrubs of New England
Pages: 276
Year: 2000-01-01
View: 341
Read: 556
With more than 300 entries, this is an indispensable guide for field use or home reference. Listings include text descriptions; information on range, habitat, and growth habits; and Latin and common names.