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Author: Kamal Ravikant
Publisher: Hachette Books
ISBN: 0316312258
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-01-03
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From the author of the bestsellers Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It and Live Your Truth comes Rebirth, an inspiring novel about the magic that happens when you learn to follow your heart. After the death of his estranged father, Amit takes his parent's ashes to the Ganges to fulfill a deathbed promise. Instead of returning home, he wanders, his pain and grief leaving him confused about his future. Almost broke, unsure about his direction in life, and running from memories, he is led by fate to the Camino de Santiago, an ancient 550-mile pilgrimage route across northern Spain. Amit meets a variety of travelers on his journey. Some are lost and searching for answers. Others are doing their best to leave the past behind. And there are a few who walk to celebrate life. All have stories and lessons to share. Once a reluctant pilgrim, Amit realizes he cannot stop until he completes the journey. As a traveler tells him, "Once you start walking the Camino, the Camino becomes a part of you." With each step Amit is challenged to confront his fear of following in the footsteps of his father, the loss of a woman he may love after all, and the reality of an uncertain future. His month-long pilgrimage forces Amit to face life's big questions, and causes him to grow and embrace a new sense of purpose and being. Based on the author's experience of walking the legendary Camino de Santiago, and told in the tradition of Paulo Coelho and Mitch Albom, Rebirth is a beautiful fable about forgiveness, synchronicity, and the unexpected adventures that reveal who we are.
Author: Dave Longeuay
Publisher: Rebirth
ISBN: 0983905819
Pages: 362
Year: 2012-04
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How did a remnant of scattered Jews rise to build a mighty superpower in the Middle East? Fleeing his anti-Semitic father, Charles Devonshire journeys into the most volatile landgrab in history-Post WWII Palestine. Charles pursues a beautiful but mysterious librarian, Gladia, who introduces him to the elaborate Jewish underground. While joining their plight to reestablish a homeland, he falls in love with her and faces painful challenges in developing a relationship within their culture gap. And in the midst of battling the hostile inhabitants who also laid claim to Palestine, he searches for clues of his own troubled past. Can Charles pursue love, uncover his family secrets and avoid being trapped in the middle of the world's longest feud? Rebirth draws you into 1948, into a world of intrigue, espionage and anti-Semitism. Witness how ancient prophecies were fulfilled against impossible odds as Israel built a nation and defied skeptics. Journey through the precarious events that led to Israel's miraculous rebirth on May 14, 1948. Experience the unrelenting pursuits of the most persecuted race, and how their renewed strength reestablished their original language, customs and land cultivations after 2,000 years of desolation-all within a passionate war-torn love story. Watch Rebirth's exciting 90 second book trailer at: http: // Dave Longeuay is a multimedia producer and has been an avid student of prophecy and Israeli biblical history for over two decades.
Rebirth of a Nation
Author: Kenneth O. Morgan
Publisher: Clarendon Press
ISBN: 0198217366
Pages: 463
Year: 1981
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A wide-ranging and comprehensive analysis of modern Welsh history by the acclaimed historian Kenneth O. Morgan. Taking as its starting-point 1880, the book covers all aspects of the nation's history from political, social, economic and religious development to literary, intellectual, and sporting achievement.
Karma and Rebirth
Author: Gananath Obeyesekere
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe
ISBN: 8120826094
Pages: 448
Year: 2006
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With Karma and Rebirth: A Cross Cultural Study on the very first comparison of rebirth concepts across a wide range of cultures. Exploring in rich detail the beliefs of small scale indigenous societies of West Africa, Melanesia, and North America, Obeyesekere compares their ideas with those of the ancient and modern Indic civilizations and with the Greek rebirth theories of Pythagoras, Empedocles, Pindar and Plato. His groundbreaking and authoritiative discussion decenters the popular notion that India was the origin and locus of ideas of rebirth.
Karma and Rebirth in Classical Indian Traditions
Author: Wendy Doniger, Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520039238
Pages: 342
Year: 1980-01-01
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The Great Rebirth
Author: Anders Aslund, Simeon Djankov
Publisher: Peterson Institute for International Economics
ISBN: 0881326976
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-10-29
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The fall of communism 25 years ago transformed the political and economic landscape in more than two dozen countries across Europe and Asia. In this volume political leaders, scholars, and policymakers assess the lessons learned from the “great rebirth” of capitalism, highlighting the policies that were the most successful in helping countries make the transition to stable and prosperous market economies, as well as those cases of countries reverting to political and economic authoritarianism. The authors of these essays conclude that visionary leadership, and a willingness to take bold and comprehensive steps, achieved the best outcomes, and that privatization of state-owned enterprises and deregulation were essential to success. Recent backsliding, such as the reversal of economic and democratic reforms in Russia and Hungary, has cast a shadow over the legacy of the transition a quarter century ago, however.
Pilgrimage to the Rebirth
Author: Erlo Van Waveren
Publisher: Daimon
ISBN: 3856305718
Pages: 206
Year: 1998-01
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PILGRIMAGE TO THE REBIRTH is the intimate chronicle of a soul's metamorphosis, a story of psychic encounters between the Piscean forces of dualism and the force of the new consciousness of Aquarius. From his journals, which comprise this book, we learn that Erlo van Waveren arrived at a stratum of being both common and special to all who pursue the inner path. Pilgrimage to the Rebirth records extraordinary levels of communication with another side of his being, making it a fascinating chronicle.
Author: Douglas Monroy
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520213335
Pages: 322
Year: 1999-06
View: 710
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"A detailed, rich, and engaging text on Mexicans in Los Angeles, from the turn of the century, when their presence was virtually unacknowledged, to the 1930s, when Mexican communities created a significant presence in the city. Monroy's book offers a sweeping narrative that carries you into Los Angeles and beyond, through a discussion of immigration pathways, work lives, and the popular culture of the immigrants and the first generation youth."—Lisbeth Haas, author of Conquests and Historical Identities in California, 1769-1936
Author: Jahnavi Barua
Publisher: Penguin Books India
ISBN: 0143414550
Pages: 203
Year: 2010-01-01
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Bridge of Dreams
Author: Burhan Dogançay, Phillip Lopate
Publisher: Hudson Hills
ISBN: 1555951724
Pages: 119
Year: 1999
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Noted Turkish-American artist Burhan Dogencay photographed the heroic ironworkers involved in the restoration of this landmark. With an introduction by noted New York writer Lopate, this suite of magical images is reproduced in rich duotone from the orig
A Rebirth
Author: Furūgh Farrukhzād
Publisher: Mazda Pub
Pages: 164
Year: 1985
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Breakdown and Rebirth, 1914 to the Present
Author: Thomas Garden Barnes, Gerald D. Feldman
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 0819123668
Pages: 273
Year: 1982
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A chronological history of Modern Europe from 1914 to the present.
Author: Uddhav
Publisher: Partridge Publishing
ISBN: 1482852381
Pages: 110
Year: 2015-08-17
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Mike Darkstar is a young 15 year old who is from a high lighted family in his world of magic. Years ago, a criminal named Lord had caused havoc and no force seemed to be strong enough to stop his mass murder which he had caused with the desire to rule the world. When the people could no longer face his wrath and decided to surrender, Mars Godstar, Mikes grandfather resolved to face Lord and vowed to vanquish him for once and for all. Mars faced Lord with immeasurable bravery and courage and managed to defeat him and kill his body but not his spirit. He imprisons Lords spirit in one of Lady Godstar, Mikes grandmothers best invention a magical cartridge in a magical belt. Unfortunately, after his victory he vanishes from the world leaving no sign. In the beginning everyone except his coach, Alaster, is oblivious to his strength which is revealed when Mike wins the World Battle-Talent Search Tournament by defeating the champion Gwen, his friend. After his win he goes to join his father in the battle against Krum, Lords general. The book closely describes the events that take place and the battle between Mike and Krum and the surprising end to the book.
A Rebirth of Images
Author: Austin Farrer
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0887062717
Pages: 347
Year: 1986
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In this classic study, St. John's Revelation is approached as a great and singular theological poem. Austin Farrer shows how the poem arose in an inspired mind, by what processes of divination its author explored the realm of supernatural truth, how he used the images of his Old Testament faith and gave them fresh meaning in the context of his scheme. Here the reader may follow the workings of a late first-century Christian imagination, in which the Scriptures and the stars, the liturgy of the temple and the magic of numbers, the elements of nature and the march of human history are closely interwoven.
Death, Burial and Rebirth in the Religions of Antiquity
Author: Jon Davies
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134792727
Pages: 272
Year: 2013-04-03
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In Death, Burial and Rebirth in the Religions of Antiquity, Jon Davies charts the significance of death to the emerging religious cults in the pre-Christian and early Christian world. He analyses the varied burial rituals and examines the different notions of the afterlife. Among the areas covered are: * Osiris and Isis: the life theology of Ancient Egypt * burying the Jewish dead * Roman religion and Roman funerals * Early Christian burial * the nature of martyrdom. Jon Davies also draws on the sociological theory of Max Weber to present a comprehensive introduction to and overview of death, burial and the afterlife in the first Christian centuries which offers insights into the relationship between social change and attitudes to death and dying.