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Risk Centric Threat Modeling
Author: Marco M. Morana, Tony UcedaVelez
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470500964
Pages: 696
Year: 2015-05-26
View: 469
Read: 306
"This book describes how to apply application threat modeling as an advanced preventive form of security"--
Strategic Knowledge Management Technology
Author: Petter Gottschalk
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1591403383
Pages: 293
Year: 2005
View: 1264
Read: 838
Strategic Knowledge Management Technology applies the knowledge-based view of the firm, which builds on the resource-based theory. The value shop is identified as the typical value configuration for knowledge firms. This book applies a stages of growth model for knowledge management technology, where firms develop from the person-to-tools strategy, via the person-to-person strategy and the person-to-documents strategy, to the person-to-systems strategy. The case of law firms is extensively explored. IS/IT strategy for knowledge management is developed within the framework of the Y model.
Competence-Based Competition
Author: Gary Hamel, Aimé Heene
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471943975
Pages: 358
Year: 1994-09-20
View: 853
Read: 558
Published in association with the Strategic Management Society, The Wiley Strategic Management Series aims to illustrate the 'best in global strategic management' for academics, business practitioners and consultants. This book addresses the theme of core competence and the processes and issues involved in managing core competence. It is an interesting and effective integration of strategic perspectives that exemplify many of the most important issues facing strategic management, both now and in the future. The contributions present the premise that corporate strategy should place technology, skill and synergy ahead of cash flow and control. Contributors Maurizio Barbeschi Richard Klavens Ilse Bogaert Jeremy Klein William C. Bogner Rudy Martens Vittorio Chiesa Richard P. Rumelt Michael Crawford Bernard L. Simonin Francesco De Leo Howard Thomas Richard Hall Dennis Turner Gary Hamel Andre Van Cauwenbergh Aime Heene Paul Verdin Duane A. Helleloid Peter Williamson Peter Hiscocks Beverly C. Winterscheid
More than Moore
Author: Guo Qi Zhang, Alfred van Roosmalen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387755934
Pages: 332
Year: 2010-01-23
View: 308
Read: 370
In the past decades, the mainstream of microelectronics progression was mainly powered by Moore's law focusing on IC miniaturization down to nano scale. However, there is a fast increasing need for "More than Moore" (MtM) products and technology that are based upon or derived from silicon technologies, but do not simply scale with Moore’s law. This book provides new vision, strategy and guidance for the future technology and business development of micro/nanoelectronics.
Business Process Change
Author: Paul Harmon
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 012800522X
Pages: 520
Year: 2014-04-26
View: 236
Read: 1052
Business Process Change, 3rd Edition provides a balanced view of the field of business process change. Bestselling author Paul Harmon offers concepts, methods, cases for all aspects and phases of successful business process improvement. Updated and added for this edition is new material on the development of business models and business process architecture development, on integrating decision management models and business rules, on service processes and on dynamic case management, and on integrating various approaches in a broad business process management approach. New to this edition: How to develop business models and business process architecture How to integrate decision management models and business rules New material on service processes and on dynamic case management Learn to integrate various approaches in a broad business process management approach Extensive revision and update addresses Business Process Management Systems, and the integration of process redesign and Six Sigma Learn how all the different process elements fit together in this best first book on business process, now completely updated Tailor the presented methodology, which is based on best practices, to your organization’s specific needs Understand the human aspects of process redesign Benefit from all new detailed case studies showing how these methods are implemented
Year: 2005
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Information and Communication Technology and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Author: Diane Poulin, Sébastien Tran
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Pages: 192
Year: 2010
View: 1212
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The arrival of Information and Communication Technology may play a role in restoring competitiveness, since these technologies are also a factor in relaxing the constraints specific to SMEs. ICT makes a number of services possible in a large range of processes and transactions within and between companies. Internally, ICT applications can improve knowledge and information management practices; they can also allow more rapid and more reliable transactions between businesses (B2B) and between businesses and consumers (B2C). They are equally quite effective in improving external business communications and service quality for both new and existing clients. They also appear to be a source of competitive advantage for SMEs under certain conditions. Few studies have focused on the ways that SMEs can use ICT to improve and defend their competitive positions. This book provides a synthesis of the advantages of ICT for SMEs. Seven chapter illustrate the technologies used in such companies. Each of these chapters provides a theoretical and/or practical view of the way that SMEs can use ICT. This book is an indispensable reference for both academics and for practitioners.
The Cultural Economy of Cities
Author: Allen J Scott
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446264424
Pages: 256
Year: 2000-08-11
View: 862
Read: 1079
Culture is big business. It is at the root of many urban regeneration schemes throughout the world, yet the economy of culture is under-theorized and under-developed. In this wide-ranging and penetrating volume, the economic logic and structure of the modern cultural industries is explained. The connection between cultural production and urban-industrial concentration is demonstrated and the book shows why global cities are the homelands of the modern cultural industries. This book covers many sectors of cultural economy, from craft industries such as clothing and furniture, to modern media industries such as cinema and music recording. The role of the global city as a source of creative and innovative energy is examined in detail, with particular attention paid to Paris and Los Angeles.
The Practice of Management
Author: Peter Drucker
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136356215
Pages: 368
Year: 2012-07-26
View: 842
Read: 1070
This classic volume achieves a remarkable width of appeal without sacrificing scientific accuracy or depth of analysis. It is a valuable contribution to the study of business efficiency which should be read by anyone wanting information about the developments and place of management, and it is as relevant today as when it was first written. This is a practical book, written out of many years of experience in working with managements of small, medium and large corporations. It aims to be a management guide, enabling readers to examine their own work and performance, to diagnose their weaknesses and to improve their own effectiveness as well as the results of the enterprise they are responsible for.
The Social Media Manifesto
Author: Jed Hallam
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 1137271418
Pages: 163
Year: 2012-12-04
View: 556
Read: 855
The Social Media Manifesto is a handbook to enable leaders to understand how social technology can be incorporated into their every day business lives. From organisational structure through to CSR and the implications of social technology on research and development, the author addresses every department of a business and how it can gain new competitive advantages and become a truly social enterprise.
The Discipline of Market Leaders
Author: Michael Treacy, Fred Wiersema
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465003974
Pages: 224
Year: 2007-03-20
View: 531
Read: 1214
Why is it that Casio can sell a calculator more cheaply than Kellogg's can sell a box of corn flakes? Why can FedEx “absolutely, positively” deliver your package overnight but airlines have trouble keeping track of your bags? What does your company do better than anyone else? What unique value do you provide to your customers? How will you increase that value next year? As customers' demands for the highest quality products, best services, and lowest prices increase daily, the rules for market leadership are changing. Once powerful companies that haven't gotten the message are faltering, while others, new and old, are thriving. In disarmingly simple and provocative terms, Treacy and Wiersema show what it takes to become a leader in your market, and stay there, in an ever more sophisticated and demanding world.
The Future of Knowledge Management
Author: Birgit Renzl, Kurt Matzler, Hans Hinterhuber
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230371892
Pages: 273
Year: 2005-12-15
View: 1235
Read: 670
In this book leading scholars debate current issues and shed light on future prospects in the field of Knowledge Management. It presents new perspectives on knowledge and learning, including modes of knowing in practice, transactive knowledge systems, organizational narrations, and challenges conventional wisdom. It deals with emerging issues in knowledge and innovation embracing models of distributed innovation and forms of co-operation. It also includes problems in managing knowledge, leadership issues and how to measure knowledge.
Livres de France
Year: 2005
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Organizational Intelligence
Author: Harold L. Wilensky
Publisher: Quid Pro Books
ISBN: 1610272889
Pages: 226
Year: 2015-02-14
View: 978
Read: 465
The prize-winning book Organizational Intelligence focuses on the structural and ideological roots of intelligence (informational and analytical) failures in government, industry, and other institutions. It provides groundbreaking theory and structure to the analysis of decision-making processes and their breakdowns, as well as the interactions among experts and the organizations they inform. In this book, both "organization" and "intelligence" are taken to their larger meanings, not just focused on the military meaning of intelligence or on one set of institutions in society. Astute illustrations of intelligence failures abound from real-world cases, such as foreign policy (the Bay of Pigs, Soviet predictions in the Cuban missile crisis), military (civilian bombing of Germany, Pearl Harbor), financial (AmEx's investment in a vegetable oil guru), economics (the Council of Economic Advisers) and industrial production (Ford's Edsel), as well as many other telling arenas and disciplines. Economic, cultural, legal, and political contexts are considered, as well as the more known institutions of government and commerce. The new Classics of the Social Sciences edition from Quid Pro Books features a 2015 Foreword from Neil J. Smelser, University Professor Emeritus at Berkeley and former chair of its sociology department. He writes that the book remains "one of the classics in organizational studies, and—in ways I will indicate—it is still directly relevant to current and future problems of organizational life. ... What makes this book a classic? It is a disciplined, intelligent, and elegant model of applied social science. ... The text itself, richly documented empirically, yields an informed and balanced account of the decision-making process as this is shaped by the quality of information available (and unavailable) to and used (and not used) by organizational leaders." Reviews of the book at the time it was written similarly attest to the originality and breadth of its interdisciplinary analysis. Amitai Etzioni wrote in the American Sociological Review: "This book opens a whole new field — the macrosociology of knowledge. It is as different from the traditional sociology of knowledge as the study of interaction is from that of the structure of total societies." He adds, "The power of Wilensky's contribution is further magnified by his historical perspective. He studies structures and processes, but not in a vacuum." Gordon Craig wrote in The Reporter that the book's examples from organizations "show a similar tendency to believe what they want to believe, to become the victims of their own slogans and propaganda, and to resist or to silence warning voices that challenge their assumptions.... In his fascinating analysis of intelligence failures and their causes ... in the public and private sectors, Wilensky finds that the most disastrous miscalculations are those which have occurred in the field of governmental operations, especially foreign policy and national security." The book explains how such highly institutionalized actors are vulnerable to informational pathologies. The new digital edition features active Contents, a fully linked Index, linked notes, and proper ebook formatting. It is a modern, quality, and authorized re-presentation of a classic work in social science and organizational studies.
Author: Neil Rackham
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113846595X
Year: 2017-09
View: 1126
Read: 856
True or false? In selling high-value products or services: 'closing' increases your chance of success; it is essential to describe the benefits of your product or service to the customer; objection handling is an important skill; open questions are more effective than closed questions. All false, says this provocative book. Neil Rackham and his team studied more than 35,000 sales calls made by 10,000 sales people in 23 countries over 12 years. Their findings revealed that many of the methods developed for selling low-value goods just don�t work for major sales. Rackham went on to introduce his SPIN-Selling method. SPIN describes the whole selling process: Situation questions Problem questions Implication questions Need-payoff questions SPIN-Selling provides you with a set of simple and practical techniques which have been tried in many of today�s leading companies with dramatic improvements to their sales performance.