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Google Home - Guide, Setup and Features
Author: Tom Schillerhof
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 3739686871
Pages: 39
Year: 2017-08-15
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Google Home - The new dimension of digital assistants! What once was a romantic Sci-Fi dream is quickly becoming the reality standard! With the new digital assistant Google Home, you only need your voice to to control your daily tasks. The interior of the smart device is full of innovation. Because of the AI assistant built-in, Google Home relies on your voice commands and is able to play music, answer questions, set timers, define and translate terms, provide news, traffic and weather reports. It even has the ability to connect with your external Wi-Fi home equipment in order to control lamps, fans, wall sockets, blinds, thermostats and plugs via voice command. You don't have to be an expert on technology-based devices in order to control Google Home. But given the fact that the device doesn't really ship with a proper documentation (the short manual doesn't count), this book should help you to get to know most of the abilities and features Google Home has to offer. Interior 1. Introduction 2. Google Home details Outside details Technical details 3. First steps Setup Google Home The wake phrase 4. The LED lights 5. A conversation with Google Home 6. Privacy and data security 7. Basic functions Volume Alarm Timer Radio Music 8. Google Home app: Overview Google Assistant settings Device Info Device Settings 9. Your Smart Home Philips Hue Nest Thermostat Samsung SmartThings Linking your TV with Chromecast built-in Google Chromecast Streaming Netflix videos Streaming Google Photos Casting audio content Streaming audio content with Bluetooth IFTTT Multi-room audio streaming 10. Problem solving
Mastering Google Home
Author: Adidas Wilson
Publisher: Adidas Wilson
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Google Assistant is a digital helper that understands audio commands or questions. Other companies have their digital assistants. For example, Apple has Siri and Amazon has the Alexa assistant. Microsoft also owns the Cortana smart digital assistant. The unique aspect about the Google assistant is its ability to hold a conversation. Other assistants give answers to a single question without answering follow up questions. Google assistant has the ability to hold a conversation. You can ask about specific searches or questions and get answers. Google assistant has the ability to store questions if you are offline, until you can access the Internet. Other online assistants do not have this ability. They work only if you are online. Google assistant also requires the Internet to function. But, it can store queries until there is access to the Internet. Google Home is designed with a feature called My Day. The feature gives you news, weather forecast, traffic, your calendar events, reminders and also any future flight status that you might have. The good news is you are able to customize the My Day feature at any time. When you just get your Google Home device, it only supports a few streaming music services. You can either listen to YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify. Your device will use Google Play Music by default to stream your favorite songs. But if you prefer other options available, you can quickly make the changes under settings on the smart speaker device. This user guide will cover everything it is to know about Google Home devices. Table of Contents Introduction Ch. 1 – What exactly is a smart speaker? Ch. 2 – How to Setup your Google Home Smart Speakers Ch. 3- Life is Good with Google Home Ch. 4 - Google Home Speaker Ch. 5 – Best Commands For Your Google Home Ch. 6 - The New Features of Google Home Ch. 7 – Alarm and Timer Volumes Ch. 8 - Stream Audio from Google Home using your Android Device Ch. 9 - Tasker and AutoVoice Commands in Google Home and Amazon Echo Ch. 10 - Google Home to Control Your Smart home Devices Ch. 11 - Recipe Interaction with Google home Ch. 12 - How to Edit your Home, Work, and Google Home Address Ch. 13 - Google Home’s Inclusive Multi-User Feature Ch. 14 - An Exceptional Addition to Voice Commands Ch. 15 - Setting Up Multi-Room Music with Chromecast Built In Devices Ch. 16 - Setting up Calls in Google Home Ch. 17 – Purchasing With Google Home Ch. 18 – Music, Radio and Podcast Services and their Compatibility Ch. 19 - Multiple Voice Recognition Ch. 20 – Additional Features Ch. 21 - Google Smart Screen Ch. 22 - Google Home Guest Mode Conclusion