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The Hiding Place
Author: Corrie ten Boom, Elizabeth Sherrill, John Sherrill
Publisher: Chosen Books
ISBN: 144126938X
Pages: 208
Year: 2015-04-28
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The True Story of a Real-Life Hero It's World War II. Darkness has fallen over Europe as the Nazis spread hatred, fear and war across the globe. But on a quiet city corner in the Netherlands, one woman fights against the darkness. In her quiet watchmaking shop, she and her family risk their lives to hide Jews, and others hunted by the Nazis, in a secret room, a "hiding place" that they built in the old building. One day, however, Corrie and her family are betrayed. They're captured and sent to the notorious Nazi concentration camps to die. Yet even in that darkest of places, Corrie still fights. This is her story--and the story of how faith, hope and love ultimately triumphed over unthinkable evil.
El refugio secreto
Author: Corrie ten Boom, John Sherrill, Elizabeth Sherrill
Publisher: Palabra
ISBN: 8490612463
Year: 2015-05-11
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Desde su publicación, hace más de cuarenta años, la historia de Corrie ten Boom, una relojera holandesa de la ciudad de Haarlem, ha servido de inspiración a millones de personas. Heroína de la resistencia a la ocupación nazi de su patria, ella, junto a toda su familia, arriesgaron la vida para ayudar a los judíos perseguidos y a los jóvenes buscados por los alemanes para deportarlos como fuerza de trabajo. Después de convertir su casa en un refugio clandestino donde podía acudir todo el que tenía necesidad, y de salvar a cientos de personas, aquella actividad les llevó a probar ellos mismos el sabor de los campos de la muerte. Solo pudo sobrevivir Corrie, y gracias a ello pudo contar por todo el mundo esta historia de cómo la fe acaba triunfando sobre el mal, pues no hay pozo tan profundo donde no llegue la gracia y el amor de Dios.
A Prisoner and Yet...
Author: Corrie ten Boom
Publisher: CLC Publications
ISBN: 1936143712
Pages: 190
Year: 2012-01-01
View: 1313
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A Prisoner and Yet... reveals a belief in Christ that carried an innocent woman through some of the worst agonies man can devise. Here is one of the most tragic, yet most inspiring and faith-giving true stories of Corrie ten Boom during her time spent in a Nazi concentration camp.
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Author: Jules Verne
Pages: 386
Year: 1917
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An adaptation of the nineteenth-century science fiction tale of an electric submarine, its eccentric captain, and the undersea world, which anticipated many of the scientific achievements of the twentieth century.
Not Good if Detached
Author: Corrie ten Boom
Publisher: CLC Publications
ISBN: 1619580373
Pages: 164
Year: 2009-03-17
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In this book Corrie ten Boom relates some of her experiences with people and the lessons the Lord taught her in her travels around the world. The illustrations of the vine bearing fruit and the railway ticket stamped "not good if detached" aptly portray the necessity of abiding in Him if our lives are to bear fruit and have meaning.
Author: Manuel Mujica Láinez
Pages: 573
Year: 1969
View: 1048
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Story of Pier Franceso Orsini, set in Bomarza, Italy.
Caught in the Revolution
Author: Helen Rappaport
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1466860456
Pages: 448
Year: 2017-02-07
View: 585
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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Romanov Sisters, Caught in the Revolution is Helen Rappaport's masterful telling of the outbreak of the Russian Revolution through eye-witness accounts left by foreign nationals who saw the drama unfold. Between the first revolution in February 1917 and Lenin’s Bolshevik coup in October, Petrograd (the former St Petersburg) was in turmoil – felt nowhere more keenly than on the fashionable Nevsky Prospekt. There, the foreign visitors who filled hotels, clubs, offices and embassies were acutely aware of the chaos breaking out on their doorsteps and beneath their windows. Among this disparate group were journalists, diplomats, businessmen, bankers, governesses, volunteer nurses and expatriate socialites. Many kept diaries and wrote letters home: from an English nurse who had already survived the sinking of the Titanic; to the black valet of the US Ambassador, far from his native Deep South; to suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, who had come to Petrograd to inspect the indomitable Women’s Death Battalion led by Maria Bochkareva. Helen Rappaport draws upon this rich trove of material, much of it previously unpublished, to carry us right up to the action – to see, feel and hear the Revolution as it happened to an assortment of individuals who suddenly felt themselves trapped in a "red madhouse."
Riding the Bullet
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743204670
Pages: 66
Year: 2000-03-14
View: 306
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From international bestseller Stephen King the first ebook ever published—a novella about a young man who hitches a ride with a driver from the other side. Riding the Bullet is “a ghost story in the grand manner” from the bestselling author of Bag of Bones, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, and The Green Mile—a short story about a young man who hitches a ride with a driver from the other side.
The Jewish Odyssey of George Eliot
Author: Gertrude Himmelfarb
Publisher: Encounter Books
ISBN: 1594035962
Pages: 180
Year: 2012-03-06
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It is one of the curiosities of history that the most remarkable novel about Jews and Judaism, predicting the establishment of the Jewish state, should have been written in 1876 by a non-Jew ? a Victorian woman and a formidable intellectual, who is generally regarded as one of the greatest of English novelists. And it is still more curious that Daniel Deronda, George Eliot's last novel, should have been dismissed, by many of her admirers at the time and by some critics since, as something of an anomaly, an inexplicable and unfortunate turn in her life and work. Yet Eliot herself was passionately committed to that novel, having prepared herself for it by an extraordinary feat of scholarly research in five languages (including Hebrew), exploring the ancient, medieval, and modern sources of Jewish history. Three years later, to reenforce that commitment, she wrote an essay, the very last of her writing, reaffirming the heritage of the Jewish ?nation” and the desirability of a Jewish state ? this well before the founders of Zionism had conceived of that mission. Why did this Victorian novelist, born a Christian and an early convert to agnosticism, write a book so respectful of Judaism and so prescient about Zionism? And why at a time when there were no pogroms or persecutions to provoke her? What was the general conception of the ?Jewish question,” and how did Eliot reinterpret that ?question,” for her time as well as ours? Gertrude Himmelfarb, a leading Victorian scholar, has undertaken to unravel the mysteries of Daniel Deronda. And the mysteries of Eliot herself: a novelist who deliberately wrote a book she knew would bewilder many of her readers, a distinguished woman who opposed the enfranchisement of women, a moralist who flouted the most venerable of marital conventions ? above all, the author of a novel that is still an inspiration or provocation to readers and critics alike.
Author: Paul Auster
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101562617
Pages: 288
Year: 1993-09-01
View: 1296
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A “compelling” (Los Angeles Times) tale of friendship, betrayal, estrangement, and the unpredictable intrusions of violence in the everyday – from the author of the forthcoming 4 3 2 1: A Novel "Six days ago, a man blew himself up by the side of a road in northern Wisconsin. . . ." So begins the story by Peter Aaron about his best friend, Benjamin Sachs. Sachs had a marriage Aaron envied, an intelligence he admired, a world he shared. And then suddenly, after a near-fatal fall that might or might not have been intentional, Sachs disappeared. Now Aaron must piece together the life that led to Sach's death. His sole aim is to tell the truth and preserve it, before those who are investigating the case invent an account of their own.
City of Bones
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1481455923
Pages: 544
Year: 2015-09
View: 1139
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Suddenly able to see demons and the Darkhunters who are dedicated to returning them to their own dimension, fifteen-year-old Clary Fray is drawn into this bizarre world when her mother disappears and Clary herself is almost killed by a monster.
Per el afortunado
Author: Henrik Pontoppidan
Publisher: Ediciones de la Torre
ISBN: 8479605502
Year: 2008-05-01
View: 889
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Escrita a caballo entre el siglo XIX y el siglo XX, nos sumerge de lleno en la crisis cultural y social que sacude al continente con la irrupción de la modernidad y que no es sino un preámbulo de la crisis de identidad del hombre actual. Por la maestría en la disección de toda una época, la novela de Pontoppidan es sólo comparable a las del alemán Thomas Mann, pero la complejidad de sus personajes y la furia con que se debaten contra su destino la emparentan sobre todo con la obra de Dostoievski, el gran novelista ruso.
The Secret Daily Teachings
Author: Rhonda Byrne
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476751943
Pages: 384
Year: 2013-08-27
View: 553
Read: 1142
First time available in ebook! The Secret Daily Teachings, the much-loved companion guide for living The Secret day by day, is now available in a new ebook format. Take the next step with The Secret Daily Teachings—the much-loved companion guide for living The Secret day by day is now available in a new ebook format. The Secret contains clear principles on how to live your life in accordance with the natural laws of the Universe, but the important thing for every person is to LIVE IT. Now, with The Secret Daily Teachings, Rhonda Byrne takes you through a year of teachings, sharing wisdom and insights for living in harmony with the laws that govern all human beings, so that you may become the master of your life. Building upon The Secret’s powerful truths, your knowledge of the law of attraction is about to expand far beyond what you can imagine. More joy, more abundance, more magnificence—every single day of the year.
The Glass Virgin
Author: Catherine Cookson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 074327430X
Pages: 368
Year: 2004-12-06
View: 667
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Annabella Lagrange had the kind of childhood that most can only dream about. The only child of an aristocratic couple, raised on their magnificent estate in the English countryside, she was loved by her parents and coddled by servants who acquiesced to her every whim. She was allowed to do anything she wanted, except, of course, to stray too far from her wing of the house. But her seclusion didn't concern her too much, because when she grew up, she planned to marry her handsome cousin Stephen and live happily ever after. However, on the morning of her tenth birthday, Annabella ventured farther than she'd ever gone before. Overcome with curiosity, she opened a forbidden door that led into her father's private quarters, and what she found there showed her with shocking clarity that her father was not the man she thought he was. And though she couldn't know it at the time, the events of that day set in motion the uncovering of a secret that had been kept for many years. So begins the remarkable story of Annabella Lagrange, a sensitive, beautiful young woman who was raised as a lady. But when she turns eighteen, she learns the surprising circumstances of her birth, and her entire world quietly crashes around her. Suddenly she's forced from the genteel surroundings of her youth into the rough, lower-class society of Victorian England, where only her quick wit and determination can save her from starvation. Catherine Cookson was one of the world's most beloved writers, and in The Glass Virgin her powers are at their height. Rarely has a heroine been portrayed more sensitively or a situation more compellingly. Filled with passion and drama, The Glass Virgin is a rare treat for lovers of romantic fiction.
In My Father's House
Author: Corrie Ten Boom
Publisher: Lighthouse Trails Publishing
ISBN: 0984636625
Pages: 197
Year: 2011
View: 543
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In My Father's House is the story of Corrie's life with her mother, father, and the rest of her family before they began hiding Jewish people in their home. This book is a testament to how God prepared one family through a father's faithfulness to his Savior and the Word of God for the most sacrificial service a family could do. Beginning in the years before Corrie was born, it tells the story of Corrie's father, who was a loving husband to Corrie's mother and no ordinary man—he was determined to raise his children in the ways of the Lord. The book describes the extension of her father's devotion to God as Corrie herself becomes committed to the ministry of young people throughout her young adult life. All of this prepared her for her role in helping to save the lives of hundreds of Jews.