Pathways to Agility

Author: John D. Oleson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Format: PDF, ePub
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What does Wayne Gretzky, one of hockey’s premier players, have in common with the most successful manufacturing companies? The ability to anticipate the next move correctly and consistently. While Gretzky can sense where the puck is headed, top-notch manufacturers foresee where the market is headed—and prepare to change with it in order to meet the needs of their customers. In today’s business reality, agility—the ability to predict trends and establish appropriate procedures for handling them—is becoming increasingly important if manufacturers are to stand out from the crowd—and stay on top of the competition. In Pathways to Agility, John Oleson, Director of Manufacturing Technology at Dow Corning Corporation and a leading member of the Agility Forum, offers an authoritative overview of this revolutionary new approach to manufacturing. One of the first books to deliver strategies for applying agile concepts, this groundbreaking resource provides concise explanations of the fundamentals of agility and its role in mass customization, as well as practical, step-by-step guidelines for its effective implementation and smooth integration. Representing a significant alternative to the age-old "one-size-fits-all" model, agile manufacturing is being used by such leading firms as Levi Strauss, General Motors, Kodak, and Chrysler. A proven method for responding quickly and effectively to the individual—and ever-changing—needs of customers, it is an invaluable means of not only winning the war for market share, but becoming more streamlined and dynamic—and ultimately, more profitable. Providing a clear pathway to agility, this indispensable resource covers strategic as well as technical issues, and is packed with a wealth of real-world case studies, first-person perspectives from leading manufacturing professionals, and vital benchmarks from the field. Here’s where you’ll find comprehensive details on: Developing agility in the supply chain Integrating computers into the manufacturing process Improving the capability of the supply chain Including automation and discipline as components of agility Involving employees in the agile strategy An invaluable primer for companies of all sizes, Pathways to Agility is must reading for manufacturing managers and engineers who are looking to incorporate the tenets of agility into their companies’ objectives and operations.

Weak Thought

Author: Gianni Vattimo
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438444273
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Heralding the beginning of the philosophical dialogue on the concept for which Gianni Vattimo would become best known (and coining its name), this groundbreaking 1983 collection includes foundational essays by Vattimo and Pier Aldo Rovatti, along with original contributions by nine other Italian philosophers influenced by and working within the authors’ framework. Dissatisfied with the responses to nineteenth- and twentieth-century European philosophy offered by Marxism, deconstruction, and poststructuralism, Vattimo found in the nihilism of Friedrich Nietzsche an important context within which to take up the hermeneutics of Martin Heidegger and Hans-Georg Gadamer. The idea of weak thought sketched by Vattimo and Rovatti emphasizes a way of understanding the role of philosophy based on language, interpretation, and limits rather than on metaphysical and epistemological certainties—without falling into relativism. To the first English-language edition of this volume, translator Peter Carravetta adds an extensive critical introduction, providing an overview of weak thought and taking stock of its philosophical trajectory over more than a quarter century.

Academic Identities in Higher Education

Author: Linda Evans
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472579518
Format: PDF, Docs
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Academic identity is continually being formed and reformed by the institutional, socio-cultural and political contexts within which academic practitioners operate. In Europe the impact of the 2008 economic crisis and its continuing aftermath accounts for many of these changes, but the diverse cultures and histories of different regions are also significant factors, influencing how institutions adapt and resist, and how identities are shaped. Academic Identities in Higher Education highlights the multiple influences acting upon academic practitioners and documents some of the ways in which they are positioning themselves in relation to these often competing pressures. At a time when higher education is undergoing huge structural and systemic change there is increasing uncertainty regarding the nature of academic identity. Traditional notions compete with new and emergent ones, which are still in the process of formation and articulation. Academic Identities in Higher Education explores this process of formation and articulation and addresses the question: what does it mean to be an academic in 21st century Europe?

Leisure Health and Well Being

Author: Zsuzsanna Benkő
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319332570
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book explores health and leisure as a holistic phenomenon with individual and social dimensions. Contributors to this edited volume explore the physical, mental, emotional, sexual and social aspects of health and leisure as well as the influence of moral and religious principles. The connections between the individual and the social structure, social integration, the social division of labor, and the natural environment are also analysed. The volume studies this relationship from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, including sociology, psychology, psychiatry, medical sciences, sport sciences, education, policy making, and from both national and international perspectives. As such, the collection will be of interest to scholars and students across a range of disciplines, including Leisure Studies, Health Studies, Health Promotion, Psychology and Mental Health, Sociology and Sport Studies.

Saudi Arabia in the Balance

Author: Paul Aarts
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814707181
Format: PDF
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War affects women in profoundly different ways than men. Women play many roles during wartime: they are "gendered" as mothers, as soldiers, as munitions makers, as caretakers, as sex workers. How is it that womanhood in the context of war may mean, for one woman, tearfully sending her son off to war, and for another, engaging in civil disobedience against the state? Why do we think of war as "men's business" when women are more likely to be killed in war and to become war refugees than men? The Women and War Reader brings together the work of the foremost scholars on women and war to address questions of ethnicity, citizenship, women's agency, policy making, women and the war complex, peacemaking, and aspects of motherhood. Moving beyond simplistic gender dichotomies, the volume leaves behind outdated arguments about militarist men and pacifist women while still recognizing that there are patterns of difference in men's and women's relationships to war. The Women and War Reader challenges essentialist, class-based, and ethnocentric analysis. A comprehensive volume covering such regions as the former Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine, Iran, Nicaragua, Chiapas, South Africa, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and India, it will provide a much-needed resource. The volume includes the work of over 35 contributors, including Cynthia Enloe, Sara Ruddick, V. Spike Peterson, Betty Reardon, April Carter, Leila J. Rupp, Harriet Hyman Alonso, Francine D'Amico, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, and Carolyn Nordstrom.

Modelling Complex Ecological Dynamics

Author: Fred Jopp
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642050299
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Model development is of vital importance for understanding and management of ecological processes. Identifying the complex relationships between ecological patterns and processes is a crucial task. Ecological modelling—both qualitatively and quantitatively—plays a vital role in analysing ecological phenomena and for ecological theory. This textbook provides a unique overview of modelling approaches. Representing the state-of-the-art in modern ecology, it shows how to construct and work with various different model types. It introduces the background of each approach and its application in ecology. Differential equations, matrix approaches, individual-based models and many other relevant modelling techniques are explained and demonstrated with their use. The authors provide links to software tools and course materials. With chapters written by leading specialists, “Modelling Complex Ecological Dynamics” is an essential contribution to expand the qualification of students, teachers and scientists alike.

The Soviet Union and Peace The Most Important of the Documents Issued by the Government of the U S S R Concerning Peace and Disarmament from 1917 T

Author: Henri Barbusse
Publisher: Detzer Press
ISBN: 9781447469414
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Henri Barbusse introduces this history of the Soviet Union, written only eleven years after the October revolution and the formation of the U.S.S.R. Barbusse was a firm believer in the power of Communism to bring peace to the world, his political views tempered by his experiences in the trenches of the first world war.