Italians of Greater Cincinnati

Author: Philip G. Ciafardini
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738552149
Format: PDF, ePub
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Italians of Greater Cincinnati focuses on the Italian immigration into the Cincinnati area beginning in the early 1800s. The northern Italians were the first to arrive, followed by those in the south of Italy, including Sicily. In the spring of 1892, plans were being made to build a Catholic church for the estimated 4,000 Italian immigrants. In 1897, two biological Italian immigrant sisters, who had joined the religious order of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Sr. Blandina and Sr. Justina Segale, began their life's work with the poor immigrants living in the Cincinnati area. Today descendants of these early immigrants, as well as those who arrived in the 20th century, continue to celebrate their rich Italian heritage through social clubs and community involvement. The photographs contained in this volume detail the lives of the Italians as they strived to become Americans.

Cincinnati Turner Societies

Author: Dann Woellert
Publisher: History Press (SC)
ISBN: 9781609493851
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Seeking asylum after the failed German Revolution of 1848, refugees flocked to Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood. They brought their Germanic culture language, literature, music, art, dance, drink, celebration or gemutlichkeit" AND, their love for gymnastics. It was here in the small tavern, "Hecker Haus," that the American Turners were born, founded by a group of 14 German speaking immigrants. This movement rapidly spread, influencing a growing nation in education, progressive thought, politics, human rights, health, literature and the arts. This is the story of that organization, born and raised in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, which fostered a great German-American movement."