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CoTeaching and Other Collaborative Practices in The EFL/ESL Classroom
Author: Andrea Honigsfeld, Maria G. Dove
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 1617356883
Pages: 319
Year: 2012-05-01
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Much has been written about the cognitive and academic language needs of those learning English as a new language (be it a second language in the United States or other Englishspeaking countries or as a foreign language in all other parts of the world). Many guidebooks and professional development materials have been produced on teacher collaboration and coteaching for special education, inclusive classrooms. Similarly, much has been published about effective strategies teachers can use to offer more culturally and linguistically responsive instruction to their language learners. However, only a few resources are available to help general education teachers and ESL (Englishasasecondlanguage) specialists, or two Englishasaforeignlanguage (EFL) teachers (such as native and nonnative English speaking) teachers to collaborate effectively. With this volume, our goal is to offer an accessible resource, longawaited by educators whose individual instructional practice and/or institutional paradigm shifted to a more collaborative approach to language education. Through this collection of chapters, we closely examine ESL/EFL coteaching and other collaborative practices by (a) exploring the rationale for teacher collaboration to support ESL/EFL instruction, (b) presenting current, classroombased, practitioneroriented research studies and documentary accounts related to coteaching, coplanning, coassessing, curriculum alignment, teacher professional development, and additional collaborative practices, and (c) offering authentic teacher reflections and recommendations on collaboration and coteaching. These three major themes are woven together throughout the entire volume, designed as a reference to both novice and experienced teachers in their endeavors to provide effective integrated, collaborative instruction for EFL or ESL learners. We also intend to help preservice and inservice ESL/EFL teachers, teacher educators, professional developers, ESL/EFL program directors, and administrators to find answers to critical questions.
Collaboration and Co-Teaching
Author: Andrea Honigsfeld, Maria G. Dove
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1452259607
Pages: 248
Year: 2010-08-10
View: 937
Read: 444
Help ELLs achieve success with an integrated, collaborative program! This resource provides a practical guide to collaboration and co-teaching between general education teachers and ESL specialists to better serve the needs of ELLs. Offering classroom vignettes, step-by-step guidelines, ready-to-use resources, and in-depth case studies, the authors help educators: Understand the benefits and challenges of collaborative service delivery Teach content while helping students meet English language development goals Choose from a range of collaborative strategies and configurations, from informal planning and collaboration to a co-teaching partnership Use templates, planning guides, and other practical tools to put collaboration into practice
Co-Teaching for English Learners
Author: Maria G. Dove, Andrea Honigsfeld
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1506343252
Pages: 312
Year: 2017-09-27
View: 397
Read: 683
Because teacher collaboration isn’t an option, it’s a MUST! EL authorities Maria Dove and Andrea Honigsfeld take ESL teachers and their general education colleagues step-by-step through building a successful collaboration—or improving an existing one. And since no teaching team is exactly alike, you’ll find seven collaborative models to choose from. Features include: • In-depth profiles of the seven models • Advantages and challenges of each model • Clear explanations of each teacher’s role • Tried-and-true strategies for the entire instructional cycle: co-planning, co-instruction, co-assessment, and reflection • Real-life accounts from co-teaching veterans • Accompanying videos and dedicated web content
Collaboration and Co-Teaching for English Learners
Author: Andrea Honigsfeld, Maria G. Dove
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1483346021
Pages: 176
Year: 2014-11-04
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Your English Language Learners are counting on you to collaborate effectively. The Common Core State Standards have increased the pressure on English Language Learners. And with the EL population increasing every day, schools need proven systems for ensuring that the students of the future are able to thrive. In practice, this is a challenge for educational leaders. The most promising solution is the collaborative approach pioneered by this book’s authors—America’s leading authorities on collaboration and co-teaching for EL achievement. Honigsfeld and Dove’s resources for collaboration and co-teaching include Templates for creating EL profiles that will enable you to address their unique needs Prompts for Professional Learning activities (for teams or individuals) and further reading The latest research findings on best instructional practices that benefit ELs This is your concise, comprehensive guide to creating a powerful collaborative program to benefit your ELs. Start implementing it today and watch the outcomes improve.
Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners
Author: Gladis Kersaint, Denisse R. Thompson, Mariana Petkova
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136227598
Pages: 178
Year: 2014-06-05
View: 356
Read: 182
Today's mathematics classrooms increasingly include students for whom English is a second language. Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners provides readers a comprehensive understanding of both the challenges that face English language learners (ELLs) and ways in which educators might address them in the secondary mathematics classroom. Framed by a research perspective, Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners presents practical instructional strategies for engaging learners that can be incorporated as a regular part of instruction. The authors offer context-specific strategies for everything from facilitating classroom discussions with all students, to reading and interpreting math textbooks, to tackling word problems. A fully annotated list of math web and print resources completes the volume, making this a valuable reference to help mathematics teachers meet the challenges of including all learners in effective instruction. Features and updates to this new edition include: An updated and streamlined Part 1 provides an essential overview of ELL theory in a mathematics specific context. Additional practical examples of mathematics problems and exercises make turning theory into practice easy when teaching ELLs New pedagogical elements in Part 3 include tips on harnessing new technologies, discussion questions and reflection points. New coverage of the Common Core State Standards, as well as updates to the web and print resources in Part 4.
Common Core for the Not-So-Common Learner, Grades K-5
Author: Maria G. Dove, Andrea Honigsfeld
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1483304272
Pages: 232
Year: 2013-03-12
View: 339
Read: 1233
The strategies you need to teach common standards to diverse learners Realistic and thorough, this teacher-friendly book shows how to help every student, including English Learners, students with disabilities, speakers of nonstandard English, and other struggling learners, meet the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts (ELA). This resource: Familiarizes readers with each of the Common Core's 32 anchor standards for ELA Outlines the specific skills students need to fulfill each standard Presents a wealth of flexible teaching strategies and tools that build those skills Includes guidance on professional collaboration and co-teaching
Beyond Core Expectations
Author: Maria G. Dove, Andrea Honigsfeld, Audrey Cohan
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1483353427
Pages: 144
Year: 2014-05-20
View: 555
Read: 154
Create a schoolwide foundation to ensure academic success for ALL students This book demonstrates a system-wide approach to support the learning needs of culturally, linguistically, and academically diverse students. The authors deliver a six-point model for developing improved programs, policies, and practices, including: Mapping and aligning an integrated curriculum—making the mainstream curricula accessible for all learners Collaborative planning and assessment—pooling teachers’ intelligence so the whole is greater than the sum of the parts Teaching students explicit learning strategies—empowering students by taking the focus off the teacher and putting it back on learners
Collaborating for English Learners
Author: Andrea Honigsfeld, Maria G. Dove
Publisher: Corwin
ISBN: 1544340036
Pages: 280
Year: 2019-02-19
View: 543
Read: 806

Collaborative Language Learning and Teaching
Author: David Nunan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521427010
Pages: 272
Year: 1992-08-28
View: 835
Read: 1196
This book is for anyone interested in experimenting with alternative ways of organising teaching and learning.
Second Language Writing in Elementary Classrooms
Author: Luciana de Oliveira, Tony Silva
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137530987
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-04-29
View: 527
Read: 568
Second Language Writing in Elementary Classrooms focuses on L2 writing in elementary classrooms. It features chapters that highlight research in elementary classrooms focused on the writing development of multilingual children, and research in teacher education to prepare elementary teachers to teach L2 writing and address L2 writers' needs.
Co-Teaching That Works
Author: Anne M. Beninghof
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118004361
Pages: 260
Year: 2012
View: 658
Read: 563
Guaranteed success for the co-taught classroom For the increasing number of teachers working in co-taught classrooms, this book provides practical ideas for defining teacher roles, planning lessons, providing effective instruction, and maximizing the value of each team member. Former co-teacher and national presenter Anne Beninghof shares stories, and real-life co-taught lesson examples that emphasize creative yet time-efficient instructional strategies that lend themselves beautifully to the co-taught classroom. Teachers and instructional leaders at all levels and in a wide variety of content areas will find this book replete with valuable co-teaching guidance so that success is guaranteed. Offers tips for effective teaching strategies for every type of team teaching situation imaginable Includes guidelines for successful team-teaching with specialists in technology; literacy; occupational/physical therapy; special education; speech-language therapy; ELL; gifted The author is an internationally recognized consultant and trainer This user-friendly, comprehensive book is filled with concrete ideas teachers can implement immediately in the classroom to boost student learning and engagement.
ESL standards for pre-k-12 students
Author: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Publisher: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Inc
ISBN: 0939791714
Pages: 166
Year: 1997-06
View: 642
Read: 470

Team Teaching
Author: Francis J. Buckley
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761907440
Pages: 127
Year: 2000
View: 274
Read: 695
Team teaching - a pedagogical technique that shifts the role of instruction from the individual to a team - provides students with the opportunity to take a more active role in learning. Author Francis J. Buckley explains how and why team teaching works and provides a comprehensive review of research material with practical applications. The book covers the nature, purpose, types, history, and evaluation of team teaching, as well as the resources needed and the roles of teachers, students, and administrators. The author compares this teaching approach with traditional methods seeking to strengthen its appeal to initiates. Team Teaching: What, Why, and How is the fruit of 30 years of team teaching in graduate school, religious education, sociology, psychology, and elementary school.
Common Core for the Not-So-Common Learner, Grades 6-12
Author: Andrea Honigsfeld, Maria G. Dove
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1452257817
Pages: 280
Year: 2013-08-13
View: 1257
Read: 241
Offers advice, tools, and strategies to build struggling learners' language skills.
Teacher-centered Professional Development
Author: Gabriel Díaz-Maggioli
Publisher: ASCD
ISBN: 0871208598
Pages: 181
Year: 2004
View: 1107
Read: 1240
Teacher-Centered Professional Development is a hands-on guide to collaborative skill building for educators. It introduces the Teacher's Choice Framework, a model that empowers teachers by helping them choose and initiate professional growth activities according to their schedules, strengths, and needs. The book describes a wide variety of professional development strategies, including mentoring, journal writing, peer-to-peer coaching, and seminars. For each strategy, the author provides: * A brief history of the research base * A step-by-step guide to implementing the strategy * Sample handouts and assessment forms * Examples from the field of the strategy in practice With this book, teachers at all levels can quickly learn how to set up development teams, conduct action research, and engage in other activities to further their skills. In addition, the Teacher's Choice Framework helps educators prioritize their needs and choose the strategies that best suit those needs. Teacher-Centered Professional Development offers both a perfect introduction to staff development options and a commonsense method for choosing among them.