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Casa de soles
Author: Alastair Reynolds
Publisher: La Factoría de Ideas
ISBN: 8490181497
Pages: 384
Year: 2012-10-10
View: 349
Read: 756
Periódicamente, los shatterlings del clan Gentian han de reunirse en una ostentosa celebración para intercambiar sus recuerdos. Pero algo no va bien: dos de ellos van a llegar unas décadas tarde a la reunión. A su crimen se suma el hecho de que están enamorados. Lo único que se interpone entre ellos y una posible excomunión del clan es un robot llamado Hesperus, de la metacivilización de los mecánicos. Sin embargo, Hesperus tiene amnesia. Mientras los amantes esperan el castigo que puedan sufrir a manos de sus hermanos clones, interceptan una inesperada y angustiada comunicación que les aconseja que eviten el lugar de reunión a toda costa. Tras seis millones de años de estabilidad, alguien ha decidido que ha llegado el momento de poner fin al clan Gentian.
Reach For Infinity
Author: Pat Cadigan, Hannu Rajaniemi, Alastair Reynolds
Publisher: Solaris
ISBN: 1849976740
Pages: 384
Year: 2014-05-28
View: 430
Read: 838
HUMANITY AMONG THE STARS What happens when we reach out into the vastness of space? What hope for us amongst the stars? Multi-award winning editor Jonathan Strahan brings us fourteen new tales of the future, from some of the finest science fiction writers in the field. The fourteen startling stories in this anthology feature the work of Greg Egan, Aliette de Bodard, Ian McDonald, Karl Schroeder, Pat Cadigan, Karen Lord, Ellen Klages, Adam Roberts, Linda Nagata, Hannu Rajaniemi, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Ken MacLeod, Alastair Reynolds and Peter Watts.
Poseidon's Wake
Author: Alastair Reynolds
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698188721
Pages: 608
Year: 2016-02-02
View: 321
Read: 1011
“Few SF writers merge rousing adventure with advanced futuristic technology as skillfully as Alastair Reynolds” (Toronto Star), the award-winning author of On the Steel Breeze. In the conclusion of his Poseidon’s Children saga, the Akinya family receives an invitation from across the stars—and a last opportunity to redeem their name... Send Ndege… The cryptic message originated seventy light-years away from the planet Crucible, where Ndege Akinya lives under permanent house arrest for her role in the catastrophe that killed 417,000 people. Could it be from her mother, Chiku, who vanished during a space expedition decades earlier? Ndege’s daughter Goma, a biologist, joins the crew of the Travertine dispatched to Gliese 163 to uncover the source behind the enigmatic message. Goma’s odyssey will take her not only into the farthest reaches of space, but centuries into her family’s past where the answers to the universe’s greatest mysteries await...
Author: Bernard Cornwell
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250017378
Pages: 448
Year: 1999-07-16
View: 844
Read: 214
In The Winter King and Enemy of God Bernard Cornwell demonstrated his astonishing ability to make the oft-told legend of King Arthur fresh and new for our time. Now, in this riveting final volume of The Warlord Chronicles, Cornwell tells the unforgettable tale of Arthur's final struggles against the Saxons and his last attempts to triumph over a ruined marriage and ravaged dreams. This is the tale not only of a broken love remade, but also of forces both earthly and unearthly that threaten everything Arthur stands for. Peopled by princesses and bards, by warriors and magicians, Excalibur is the story of love, war, loyalty, and betrayal-the work of a magnificent storyteller at the height of his powers.
Pump Six and Other Stories
Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
Publisher: Start Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1597802379
Pages: 248
Year: 2008-02-01
View: 1049
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Paolo Bacigalupi's debut collection demonstrates the power and reach of the science fiction short story. Social criticism, political parable, and environmental advocacy lie at the center of Paolo's work. Each of the stories herein is at once a warning, and a celebration of the tragic comedy of the human experience. The eleven stories in Pump Six represent the best Paolo's work, including the Hugo nominee "Yellow Card Man," the nebula and Hugo nominated story "The People of Sand and Slag," and the Sturgeon Award-winning story "The Calorie Man."
Author: Robert Charles Wilson
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 142993431X
Pages: 304
Year: 2007-09-18
View: 998
Read: 221
Wildly praised by readers and critics alike, Robert Charles Wilson's Spin won science fiction's highest honor, the Hugo Award for Best Novel. Now, in Axis, Spin's direct sequel, Wilson takes us to the "world next door"—the planet engineered by the mysterious Hypotheticals to support human life, and connected to Earth by way of the Arch that towers hundreds of miles over the Indian Ocean. Humans are colonizing this new world—and, predictably, fiercely exploiting its resources, chiefly large deposits of oil in the western deserts of the continent of Equatoria. Lise Adams is a young woman attempting to uncover the mystery of her father's disappearance ten years earlier. Turk Findley is an ex-sailor and sometimes-drifter. They come together when an infall of cometary dust seeds the planet with tiny remnant Hypothetical machines. Soon, this seemingly hospitable world will become very alien indeed—as the nature of time is once again twisted, by entities unknown. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Diccionario de la lengua Castellana por la Academia Española
Pages: 869
Year: 1822
View: 640
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Author: Robert J. Sawyer
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429914580
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-05-06
View: 769
Read: 957
Robert J. Sawyer's award-winning science fiction has garnered both popular and critical acclaim. The New York Times Book Review called Frameshift "filled to bursting with ideas, characters and incidents". His novels are fixtures on the Hugo and Nebula ballots. Sawyer now brings us Flashforward, the story of a world-shattering discovery. In pursuit of an elusive nuclear particle, an experiment goes incredibly awry, and, for a few moments, the consciousness of the entire human race is thrown ahead by about twenty years. As the implications truly hit home, the pressure to repeat the experiment builds. Everyone wants a glimpse of their future, a chance to flashforward and see their successes ... or learn how to avoid their failures. Winner of the Aurora Award and the basis for the hit ABC television series. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Diccionario [de la lengua castellana].
Author: Real Academia Española
Pages: 2
Year: 1826
View: 1093
Read: 512

Diccionario de la lengua castellana
Pages: 953
Year: 1780
View: 489
Read: 1039

Diccionario [enciclopedico] de la lengua castellana
Pages: 1999
Year: 1911
View: 891
Read: 505

Parsifal Unveiled
Author: Samael Aun Weor
Publisher: Glorian Publishing
ISBN: 1934206911
Pages: 352
Year: 2013-11-19
View: 1320
Read: 396
"When religion becomes artificial, art has a duty to rescue it. Art can show that the symbols which religions would have us believe literally true are actually figurative. Art can idealize those symbols, and so reveal the profound truths they contain." - Richard Wagner Parsifal, the epic, final opera by Richard Wagner, stunned audiences and set the stage for the decline of modern civilization. For more than one hundred years, Parsifal has been one of the most controversial dramatic works in the world, not only moving the world's top composers and writers to tears and inspiring generations of creative geniuses, but it was also admired by Adolf Hitler. Wagner's retelling of the myth of the Holy Grail and the knights who protect it showed the secret path to liberation from suffering, but no one understood it. Wagner himself never explained Parsifal, and in his wake thousands of writers, critics, and artists have attempted to penetrate its mysteries yet have failed, since they were not initiated into the secret tradition it came from. Finally, in this book by Samael Aun Weor, the meaning of Parsifal is fully revealed, and the genius and spiritual accomplishments of Richard Wagner are made radiantly clear. "The year 1914 will always be a memorable date among the remarkable dates of this humanity, because of the explosion of the First World War and the simultaneous debut of Parsifal in all the civilized world." - Samael Aun Weor Features: • A complete exposure of the spiritual archetypes hidden in Parsifal, with examples from other religions and mythologies • Detailed instructions for sexual transmutation, including postures and mantras • Includes the complete libretto of Parsifal
Author: Joe Haldeman
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101208309
Pages: 304
Year: 2005-07-26
View: 548
Read: 1320
Two aliens have wandered Earth for centuries. The Changeling has survived by adapting the forms of many different organisms. The Chameleon destroys anything or anyone that threatens it. Now, a sunken relic that holds the key to their origins calls to them to take them home—but the Chameleon has decided there's only room for one.
Diccionario enciclopédico de la lengua castellana
Year: 1905
View: 639
Read: 847

Author: Stanislaw Lem
Publisher: HMH
ISBN: 0544080106
Pages: 336
Year: 2012-07-18
View: 244
Read: 1021
“A stunningly inventive fantasy about cosmic travel” from the Kafka Prize–winning author of Solaris (The New York Times). The Hermes explorer ship represents the epitome of Earth’s excellence: a peaceful mission sent forth to make first contact with an alien civilization, and to use the expansive space technology developed by humanity to seek new worlds, friendships, and alliances. But what its crew discovers on the planet Quinta is nothing like they had hoped. Locked in a seemingly endless cold war among themselves, the Quintans are uncommunicative and violent, refusing any discourse—except for the firing of deadly weapons. The crew of the Hermes is determined to accomplish what they had set out to do. But the cost of learning the secrets hidden on the silent surface of Quinta may be grave. Stark, startling, and insightful, Fiasco has been praised by Publishers Weekly as “one of Lem’s best novels.” It is classic, thought-provoking hard science fiction, as prescient today as when it was first written.