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Afirma Pereira
Author: Antonio Tabucchi
Publisher: Leya
ISBN: 9896603243
Year: 2014-03-19
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Tendo por pano de fundo o salazarismo português, o fascismo italiano e a guerra civil espanhola, Afirma Pereira é a história atormentada da tomada de consciência de um velho jornalista solitário e infeliz.Antonio Tabucchi nasceu em Pisa(1943-2012), onde fez os seus estudos, primeiro na Faculdade de Letras e depois na Scuola Normale Superiore. Ensinou nas Universidades de Bolonha, Roma, Génova e Siena. Foi Visiting Professor no Bard College de Nova Iorque, na École de Hautes Études de Paris e no Collège de France. Publicou 27 livros, entre romances, contos, ensaios e textos teatrais. As suas obras estão traduzidas em mais de 40 países. Recebeu numerosos prémios nacionais e internacionais. Sozinho, ou com Maria José de Lancastre, traduziu para italiano a obra de Fernando Pessoa. Considerando que a sua pátria é também a língua portuguesa, escreveu um romance em português, Requiem, 1991. O seu teatro foi levado ao palco, entre outros, por Giorgio Strehler e Didier Bezace. O Fio do Horizonte, Nocturno Indiano, Afirma Pereira e Requiem foram adaptados ao cinema respectivamente por Fernando Lopes, Alain Corneau, Roberto Faenza e Alain Tanner.
Encyclopedia of French Film Directors
Author: Philippe Rège
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 081086939X
Pages: 1488
Year: 2009-12-11
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Cinema has been long associated with France, dating back to 1895, when Louis and Auguste Lumi_re screened their works, the first public viewing of films anywhere. Early silent pioneers Georges MZli_s, Alice Guy BlachZ and others followed in the footsteps of the Lumi_re brothers and the tradition of important filmmaking continued throughout the 20th century and beyond. In Encyclopedia of French Film Directors, Philippe Rège identifies every French director who has made at least one feature film since 1895. From undisputed masters to obscure one-timers, nearly 3,000 directors are cited here, including at least 200 filmmakers not mentioned in similar books published in France. Each director's entry contains a brief biographical summary, including dates and places of birth and death; information on the individual's education and professional training; and other pertinent details, such as real names (when the filmmaker uses a pseudonym). The entries also provide complete filmographies, including credits for feature films, shorts, documentaries, and television work. Some of the most important names in the history of film can be found in this encyclopedia, from masters of the Golden Age_Jean Renoir and RenZ Clair_to French New Wave artists such as Fran_ois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.
Pereira Maintains
Author: Antonio Tabucchi
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 0811227065
Pages: 140
Year: 2017-02-28
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Tabucchi’s masterpiece “conjures a state between waking and dreaming” (The New York Times) Dr. Pereira is an aging, lonely, overweight journalist who has failed to notice the menacing cloud of fascism over Salazarist Lisbon. One day he meets Montiero Rossi, an aspiring young writer whose anti-fascist fervor is as strong as Pereira’s apolitical languor. Eventually, breaking out of the shell of his own inhibitions, Pereira reluctantly rises to heroism—and this arc is “one of the most intriguing and appealing character studies in recent European fiction” (Kirkus).
From Here to Diversity
Author: Clara Sarmento
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 144382464X
Pages: 405
Year: 2010-08-11
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From Here to Diversity: Globalization and Intercultural Dialogues sees interculturalism as movement, transit, travel, and the dynamics between cultures. Contemporary intercultural travel is a global journey, a circumnavigation at the speed of light that underwrites all the comings and goings, the departures and arrivals, the transmissions and receptions that are implicit in this title. Hence, From Here to Diversity examines the motivations, characteristics and implications of cultural interactions in their perpetual movement, devoid of spatial or temporal borders, in a dangerous but stimulating indefinition of limits. In the contemporary intercultural dialogue, new voices are making themselves heard, as valuable sources of study: the voices of women; non-occidentals; the non-powerful; forgotten narratives of a past that was as intercultural as the present (after all, what is colonialism other than a perverse form of interculturality?); global entertainment; tourism; oral literature; diaries; mythical narratives; the cinema; ethnography; and new teachings, among so many others. Because this project is also intercultural at its source and subject, From Here to Diversity: Globalization and Intercultural Dialogues adds to the coherence of the project by including contributions from the most wide-ranging backgrounds and nationalities, without fear of the alterity that, after all, we propose to study.
Author: Paul Buck
Publisher: Signal Books
ISBN: 1902669355
Pages: 246
Year: 2002
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Kingston wrestles with the enduring legacy of colonial rags and riches, recent episodes of political strife and the occasional outburst of modern-day turf rivalry. Formerly the hub of Britain's Caribbean Empire, the Jamaican capital provides an intriguing cauldron of political, social and cultural excitement as one of the region's great cities.
Antonio Tabucchi
Author: Bruno Ferraro, Nicole Prunster
Pages: 224
Year: 1997
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Pasión por la trama
Author: Sergio Pitol
Publisher: Ediciones Era
ISBN: 9684114230
Pages: 204
Year: 1998-01-01
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Este conjunto de relatos nos presenta en forma artística un amplio e interesante recorrido por diversas literaturas del continente europeo y latinoamericano. Una obra que refleja desde su intimidad el amplio universo que significa el arte y la literatura para este escritor que busca reflejarlo en sus historias mínimas. Un texto en que la forma asume el protagonismo por sobre el fondo, sin restarle importancia. Cada trama explora lo ajeno para describir el deleite estético que implican otras obras de grandes autores como Moliere, Mozart, Beethoven, etc. Más allá de una actitud contemplativa se sumerge en las profundidades del quehacer artístico. Más allá de simples historias estamos frente a ensayos que alzan su reflexión sobre el arte, y a ello nos invita como lectores letrados y doctos.
Author: Antonio Tabucchi, Margaret Jull Costa
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 0811215172
Pages: 110
Year: 2002-11-01
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While waiting for a private midnight assignation on a quay by the Tagus, the narrator spend his day, enjoying a series of chance encounters with such colorful characters as a young junky, a gypsy, a lost taxi driver, the ghost of the long dead poet Fernando Pessoa, and many others, both real and imaginary as he makes his way around Lisbon. Reprint.
Motins politicos, ou historia dos principaes acontecimentos politicos da provincia do Pará desde o anno de 1821 até 1835
Author: Domingos Antônio Raiol (barão do Guajará)
Year: 1890
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The Missing Head of Damasceno Monteiro
Author: Antonio Tabucchi
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 0811222454
Pages: 186
Year: 2005-01-17
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A literary thriller of heroin rings and headless bodies uncovers social ills and corruption in modern day Portugal, whileas in all of Tabucchi's workblurring genre boundaries. Antonio Tabucchi, Italy's premier writer and a best-selling author throughout Europe, draws together Manolo the gypsy, Firmino, a young tabloid journalist with a weakness for Lukacs and Vittorini, and Don Fernando, an overweight lawyer with a professed resemblance to the actor Charles Laughton, to solve a murder that leads far up and down Portugal's social ladder. As the investigation leads deeper into Portugal's power structure, the novel defies expectations, departing from the formulaic twists of a suspense story to consider the moral weight of power and its abuse.
Indian Nocturne
Author: Antonio Tabucchi
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 081122144X
Pages: 88
Year: 1989-03-17
View: 420
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"An enjoyable, well-crafted little book."—The Complete Review Translated from the Italian, this winner of the Prix Medicis Etranger for 1987 is an enigmatic novel set in modern India. Roux, the narrator, is in pursuit of a mysterious friend named Xavier. His search, which develops into a quest, takes him from town to town across the subcontinent.
El arte de la fuga
Author: Sergio Pitol
Publisher: Ediciones Era
ISBN: 607445177X
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-10-08
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En El arte de la fuga, como en la música, los temas son retomados y respondidos, reemprendidos y modificados, no por distintas voces en este caso, sino en distintos tonos que se contrastan y conviven armónicamente: así pasamos del recuerdo de infancia al diario de escritura, del retrato a la crítica literaria, del cuento a la crónica. Capaz de todos los temas y tonos, en este libro Pitol es un lector maravilloso y un narrador de primer orden. Con una nueva libertad, goza de relatarnos lo que piensa y de pensar cómo relata él y cómo relatan otros, a más de establecer un interesantísimo registro de su evolución como escritor, en la que participan la cercanía de otros escritores, la lectura y la traducción de grandes obras, el viaje y la estancia en distintos países, y los ingratos avatares del nuestro.
Estudos sobre leitura: psicolinguística e interfaces
Publisher: EDIPUCRS
ISBN: 8539701332
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Felicidade S.A.
Author: Alexandre Teixeira
Publisher: Arquipelago Editorial Ltda
ISBN: 8560171312
Pages: 288
Year: 2016-03-21
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O mundo do trabalho vive uma revolução silenciosa. Depois de décadas tendo o dinheiro como estímulo quase único aos seus funcionários, organizações inovadoras começam a perceber que esse modelo está ruindo. A remuneração ainda é decisiva, claro. Mas, num mundo traumatizado pela crise que veio de Wall Street, salários e bônus já não exercem o mesmo fascínio. A busca por um propósito, a chegada de uma nova geração ao mercado e a reinvenção dos escritórios convergem para um ideal há muito negligenciado: a felicidade no trabalho.Entre a teoria dos estudos acadêmicos e a vida real do cotidiano corporativo, o autor apresenta uma série de reflexões essenciais sobre o propósito e os valores envolvidos no trabalho. Ao final deste livro, o leitor descobrirá por que a felicidade no trabalho é, sim, uma utopia possível. E como essa descoberta pode revolucionar a sua empresa – e a sua vida.
A Familia Monoparamental Chefiada Pela Mulher
Author: Bruna Sousa
Publisher: Clube de Autores
Pages: 180
Year: 2010-06-06
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Este livro tem o objetivo de apontar o papel das famílias monoparamentais sob o comando das mulheres e como as mesmas foram mantidas sob o programa do governo bolsa família, de início demonstrar qual foi a influência e impacto nas vidas das mesmas.